6 May 2013


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Saturday morning I escaped Mr. G's travel fever,  he makes me think that he goes on a expedition to the moon, instead of going simply to Amsterdam by train and from their with son and grandson by plane to Italy on holidays ! But for somebody who isn't used to trains and trams and buses (which he has to take) it becomes a gigantic worry ! How can a man change that much ? He never cared before about travelling !

In the afternoon while he took a nap (he hadn't slept during the night) I started with my garden work !
I went to the garden center a little outside Waterloo, where I always buy my plants for the flower pots and the garden. There were so many people there, that I forgot to take pictures, choose around 40 petunias and begonias and some earth and returned home !

I still cannot understand that lots of people love garden work and even do it as a hobby ! For me it is an awful chore I have to do once a year, unless I would move to an apartment ! After having put nearly 26 plants in the pots, I had enough and stopped !

Then started the big comedy in the Italian way (I don't need to go to a theater) while I gathered all his stuff  he packed his suitcase ! Finally it was done and I was exhausted and collapsed behind my computer to rest !

On Sunday morning we drove to the Bus station and I went with Mr. G. to the Midi Station

I don't have to explain anything about this picture, it shows it all !

After having left him in the station, I went for a walk through the market ! The sun was shining lots of people there, and I had a well earned drink in a café sitting in the sunshine and chatting with other people !

We have a big community of Moroccans living in Brussels. Most of them were already born here and I wonder if they ever had been in Morocco !  I noticed that since wearing scarfs at school is not allowed anymore,  there are more and more Moroccan women wearing scarfs and long dresses, what they haven't done before. They liked to dress like Europeans. I have been several times in Morocco and never seen so many women in this clothing, they were even wearing mini skirts  in big towns ! I doubt very much that they are all muslims ! It seems rather like a protest to me !

The park around the old tower of the city wall was full of people who lay on blankets on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine.

I like riding in the bus, because it takes me through old Brussels municipalities, where fortunately the old houses are still standing and haven't been demolished in the 60th as so many beautiful mansions in the center of Brussels.

I also saw a group of scouts entering the Bois de la Cambre which is a huge park with woods in Brussels.

After lunch I continued my garden work !

After a couple of hours I was KO and happy that I run out of plants !

I took a nice relaxing bath and without looking at the watch I ate my supper ! My life as a "merry widow" has started !

I look like Arthur after this weekend !


Jo said...

OMW this is real comedy theater. Poor Mr G does look worried in that photo but I'm sure they're safely on their way to Italy now? I do like gardening very much (everywhere I go I make a garden, even in first floor the apartment in Khartoum!) but I have help to do the digging and heavy work. I'd not find it a pleasure if I had to wield a rake or a spade. Ergh! Those Moroccan women look like they're protesting! When Ginger licks his huge round tummy, he sits just like Arthur and looks exactly the same. Thanks for a cheerful Monday morning post! Have a great week. Jo xxx

Andrew said...

Very interesting post. The petunias are in, the leaves are on the trees and the sun is shining, along with the luxury of being home alone.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. well you made the most of everything .. the excursion to the market, the bus back - love the photos .. and good for you for gardening ... thankfully the weather is going to help gardeners at long last .. cheers Hilary

Linens and Royals said...

Make that robot mower do more work! Weed the garden, plant petunias or something.
Don't be too merry a widow, that poor worried looking man at the bus stop will come home soon. But what a great trip it will be for him, 3 generations of men together.
So girls are not allowed to wear scarves to school. Interesting. Not sure politicians would be brave enough to try that here.

Fun60 said...

Loved that photo of Mr G. no words needed. I haven't put the summer plants in the garden yet which is just being lazy but as soon as the sun comes out I want to be out walking. Not long now before your UK trip.

Mara said...

Oh, I feel for mr G. I hope he has a great trip to see his family (which I presume he will do).

Loree said...

Poor Mr G does not look very happy. I enjoy gardening - to a limited extent. I like to see the flowers grow but would prefer it if someone else planted there. here it's a big chore because in summer we have to water them almost every day :(

Maribeth said...

Jack is the same now about traveling. He simply does not want to do it! He gets nervous and frankly, it drives me crazy. The last trip was almost more than I could stand.

Sandra Carlier said...

In France I noticed the same react with the muslim women. i doubt they won't wear it for a long time! When they will see people don't react at all! And they will soon understant that life is beautiful when you are free!