9 May 2013


Jenny Matlock
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I never realized how important the letter "Y" is in the English language, until the day when the Y key on my keyboard started to have difficulties !

At the beginning I hammered on the Y-key until a capital Y showed up in my text. No difficulties with the little "y".  After a while I couldn't type a capital Y not at all anymore. So please check all my comments and  you will see that after a point (.) my "y" was not in capital letter. It didn't bother me that much because I thought people could think it was a typing error. But then the "Y" key gave up its soul completely and I was without Y ! I asked myself why ?

In this text only there are already 13 Ys I couldn't have typed without counting the Y letter standing alone  ! If I want to write an email to you : My keyboard doesn't work anymore, and I have to buy a new one, I would have typed :

M keboard doesn't work anmore and I have to bu a new one

I could have written my posts in German or French, because a "Y" is seldom used in these languages, but then you would have to use the Google translator, which gives the most funniest results in translations. Once I sat on my computer and the cat was typing according to Google's translation.

Therefore I gave up, and went to buy a new one. 

I asked Pookie to make the presentation of my new wireless keyboard, but she was very uncooperative, it was not interesting at all for her and not even useful as a bed !

But now I can write without any problem : You look tired, do you have a yucky yellow fever ?


Jo said...

OMW you made a point that I never thought of. As I read your post, I kept seeing "y's"! Amazing! I love the disinterest from Pookie in the Keyboard! Great post altogether! xxx

Linens and Royals said...

"Because Y is a crooked letter and you cannot make it straight." For some reason this was always said to children who asked "why?" too often. I think there is more to the saying but I can't remember it.

Andrew said...

Our keyboard is black with black keys, white lettering and no back lighting. It is very hard to see at night if I have to look at it to find a not normally used character. Yours looks much better. It is odd how Australian keyboard have different character placements to English ones and of course our keyboards don't have pound or euro symbols. I can make them with alt and some numbers, £, but I forget what euros is. Ah yes, alt 128 Ç. No, that is not it. No matter. I can find it if I have to.

Andrew said...

Alt 0128 €

SarahBeth said...

A good reason to get a new keyboard! Pookie does look pretty disinterested though! Tell him it does make a good bed -- at least my Oliver thinks so!

Unknown said...

Brilliant post :)

Loree said...

Yes, it's just amazing how many times y is used in English. Best stick to Italian when your y is not working.

momto8 said...

interesting!! guess like everything, we take for granted so much until we don't have it!