10 May 2013


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1. My week without Mr. G who is on holidays in Italy, started with garden work !

I went with Dominique to buy more flowers to plant into the pots standing on the bark in front of the house. We then had a little lunch in our favorite Greek restaurant and started both working in our yards in the afternoon.

and while from time to time I made a little break, Oscar, the robot mowed the lawn ! How pleasant to watch without doing nothing !!

When I had finally finished, I was quiet happy with the result !

I even found a new use for an old plastic cat basket, put earth in it and used it as pot on our little grave yard where all our animals are buried.

2. The weather was beautiful and I met with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time to have lunch together.

We choose a nice restaurant where we could sit outside, unfortunately we were not the only once who had the same idea. The place was packed, the service lousy, I had to call the waiter several times and the food was not good either, quiet unusual as I am not belonging to difficult clients. I can't even say that I enjoyed lunch together with her very much, as she only talked about her different booboos, and nothing else. She has changed so much and had really become an old grumpy woman.

3. Two of my flower pots had broken because of the unusual cold weather and I had to buy two new once. Instead of continuing my garden work, I landed up at Nicole's whom I had met in the same store !
She was together with another friend and we had a coffee and lots of chats together in her flat. As besides the cats nobody had to be fed, I stayed there until 7pm !

4. Her neighbor Simone (86 !), called me for help with her computer, she just had learned to use it, but had mostly forgotten everything and panicked because she couldn't read her emails. I helped her out explaining again, and she was very happy that she could use her computer again.

As I was already there, Nicole too had a problem. She had no internet connection ! I checked, and indeed there was no WiFi connection ! She had this already before so we took the laptop and wandered around in her flat and yes, sometimes the WiFi worked and then died again !

We put it back on her desk, and ... it worked !

Then suddenly while she opened Firefox, it didn't work again ! And then we found out the most strangest thing ! When she put her hand besides the computer, Wifi was off, when she took it away it worked again ! Have you ever had a case like this ?? It was really incredible, and she just intended to call a technician of the Internet connection service ! When we had checked several times with our hands, we bursted out in laughter and now she knows why her Internet connection didn't work !

5. Together with Nicole and Ilona we had decided to go for a walk through the La Hulpe Park which is almost an annex to Waterloo. So we met at 2.30 and started our walk through the woods !

A friend of Nicole came along too so we finally were 4 plus Charlie the dog of course. We had a lot of fun !

There was a kite competition going on in the huge park in front of the castle.

After a long walk through woods and the park we stopped at the little Restaurant to sit down and have a drink. The place was packed, it was sunny but still a little cool.

At 5 pm we were standing in front of our cars, hesitating what to do now to end this nice day and I had the idea of my life, being on holidays in my house, I invited them all for a Pizza (which I always have in the freeze) !

We first had an aperitif and Dominique came over too, brought another pizza and chocolate mousse and we had a very funny time. Charlie the dog inspected the garden, the cats didn't bother, Charlie is a good dog, he first sniffed in the whole house, met Arthur who just opened an eye and continued to sleep on the cat tower. The others had a look on this sweet monster and then disappeared. It was the first time that Charlie came into our house, and he behaved perfect with my 4 cats !

Finally around 10 pm they  left and I thought what a wonderful day it was, especially because this morning we had no plan at all ! 


Andrew said...

You have not sat at home alone worrying about your husband, haha.

Linens and Royals said...

Nothing like a good laugh with friends-and Charlie too of course.
Even better when there are no men around and they can be laughed at.

Faith said...

wow what a week you had! i HATE lousy service...and I sure hope i don't become a grumpy old woman....life is too short, huh?! Doesn't sound like you are missing your hubby. Do you always take separate vacations? I would LOVE to see Italy. My husband had to work in Italy for 5 months in 1998..the year our youngest daughter was born......he loved it.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Kathie said...

Your spring is way ahead of ours - our leaves are just starting. Your garden is coming along nicely - so nice to sit out and enjoy it.

What a nice day with friends - to start with no plans and just go with the flow. Easier to do when the husband is away - although, of course, we do miss them :)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

You've been very busy but I'm sure you had also a lot of fun!

Willow said...

Are you having even more fun than Mr. G on his holiday? Your week has been packed with fun activities. Love that impromptu party!

Anonymous said...

Your garden area looks nice. Love those flowery pants, too, by the way.

That's so odd about the Wi-fi going off when your friend's hand was in a certain spot. I've never heard of that before.

Your unplanned day ended up so nicely!

Anonymous said...

Your friends are lucky to have you as such a great internet technician. That is crazy about your hands stopping the connection. I can't even give a guess as to why.

You certainly have had a full week of friends. I, too, don't want to become a grumpy old woman. I've told my sister than if I do to just smack me!

Have a wonderful weekend, Gattina. We are celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday here in the States. So I wish you an early Happy Mother's Day.

Jo said...

What a lovely week you had. I enjoyed seeing you having a holiday in your house with your friends. The first thing I thought when I saw Charlie in your garden was: I bet he was no trouble with the cats. What a cool dog! Wow, I'm amazed at the STRONG WiFi connections you people have. Mine is never completely green but it works so well and is so fast, I don't complain. Have a great weekend! Jo

A Lady's Life said...

It's nice to be able to spend a nice day like this and in good weather too.
Flower gardening sure brightens ones spirits up.

Sandra Carlier said...

What a fabulous day!!!To 10 pm!!! And the visit in a beautiful park in the afternoon!!! Lucky you are!

SandyCarlson said...

You had quite a full day! Your garden is lovely--and so is your time with friends.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sweet of you to be a help to Simone. My mom often forgets how to do things on her computer, too, and she's too far away for me to help. Have a great week ahead!

diane b said...

These are often the best days the unplanned ones. While the cat is away the girls do play.

Susanne said...

Your yard is looking nice and green. No snow!! Yay!

Sounds like you are filling up your days with good friends while your hubby is away. We had a not great experience at a restaurant last weekend too.

jennyfreckles said...

Sounds like you're making the most of your freedom! I laughed at the wifi story. Some people think technology is logical but not me!