14 Dec 2012


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1. I came back from my 12 days holidays in Egypt at the Red Sea and felt like returning to the Northpole !
From 28°C in the shade,  I found myself suddenly confronted with - 3°C ! I had put on my T-shirt a thick cardigan and a windbreaker, I also wore socks for the first time again, but still althought the airport was heated and our car too, the cold hit me like a hammer !

With one foot still on holidays I throw the whole content of my suitcase in the laundry, supervised by Arthur, and then spend the whole day by sorting out my pictures, I was in a melancholic mood, and just avoided to look outside.

2. I managed to pull myself together and go at least to my Yoga classes, Dominique who had been with me in Egypt felt the same way, and while getting out of the car we did a shiver competition ! After the Yoga we felt a little better and did some food shopping in our favourite "Deepfreeze" shop.

3. I had to bring papers to the health insurance and took the opportunity to find some Christmas gifts, and fortunately I found what I wanted ! Now I have almost everything.

4. While I was away the city had decorated streets and put up trees and it looked really very christmassy everywhere.

One of the trees just on my way home

I had got an invitation from my friend (ex blog friend) Claudie to spent New Year's Eve with her in the South of France and as Mr. G. pushed me to accept, because he prefers to sleep into the New Year I booked my flight and said "Youpee" !

5. When I arrived in my painting class, I noticed that the whole retirement home was decorated ! Little Christmas trees were on all little tables where people sit and have coffee and play cards or scrabble or whatever.

It is not a private home but subsidized by the city and I think it is really a very good place  for poor or less poor people who can't live alone anymore. Of course my class mates all asked me if I had noticed something of the troubles going on in Egypt, but where I was it has been like always, the troubles are apparently only in Cairo.

The rest of my time I spent with with making Christmas headers for my blogs and Christmas cards, I love to be creative and had a lot of pleasure by doing this. It comforted me and let me forget the cold weather and eventual worries !


MaR said...

Temperature shocks are no good...but now you have the holidays to look forward to. So happy for you spending New Year's at Claudie's!! will be thinking of all of you.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I agree. The cold and wet are not my cup of tea either.
Best to keep busy doing things you love doing. :)

diane b said...

It is a shock those different temperatures. That always happens to us if we fly to the northern hemisphere in winter. We had to do that when I was working because that was when I had summer holidays here. It was a shock to return to the heat also. Now we can go in the shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn much easier to tolerate. Hope yyou brighten up and it is good of Mr G to encourage you to go to France for NY.

Mara said...

At least you get to spend some more time in a warmer climate!

Susanne said...

I remember that same feeling when, years ago, we went to Hawaii at Christmas and then had to come back to absolutely frigid weather. It took me days to get used to it. But how nice that you were able to get away again and enjoy that sunshine and warmth at least for awhile.

I love when cities start to decorate for Christmas. Our downtown is always really nice and the main roadways all have lights on them.

Barbara H. said...

That's what I find helps me most in cold or dreary weather -- doing something fun inside.

I love Christmas decorations in the city and am a little sad when they take them down in January.

How fun to take a New Year's Eve trip to France! We tend to spend the evening at home -- I don't like to be on the roads with people who have been drinking and are now driving..

soulbrush said...

Brrr what a shock that was. But you had such a great time. Now keep snug and warm.

jennyfreckles said...

Some very pretty decorations here. And yes, it 's cold - even for those of us who didn't experience Egypt's heat.

Maribeth said...

Wonderful! Today started out okay, but turned very stressful. I will tell you more later.

Willow said...

I don't like the cold weather either--that's why I live where I do. I don't want to shiver all winter long. I think you made a wise choice to dump the suitcase and sort photos first :)

Faith said...

oh I would LOVE to go to the south of France!! ENJOY! i've only been to Paris and we loved every single minute of our week there!! I don't mind the cold which is good because my part of New York state can get fairly cold.....this week it's been "Warm" with temps in the high 30's and low 40's (warm for this time of year)...that's Farenheit temps i mean.
I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Brrr. How lucky to have another Holiday to look forward to!

susan said...

Your blog header is very festive. And I bet your Christmas cards are as well. Isn't it great that being creative sure can take our minds off things like yucky weather?

I laughed when I read your sentence about having a shiver competition. I know exactly how that feels. ;)

Have a great week.