9 Dec 2012


The most posh area in Hurghada is the Marine, or harbour. I had never been there in all these years I have spent my winter holidays here since 2007. We decided to go there in the evening after supper.

This time we took the hotel's taxi, there was no haggling the driver took us there asked when we wanted to come back and picked us up very punctually. The whole return trip to the other end of Hurghada cost only 5 € ! Sad that we didn't know that before ! In fact it was written, but we didn't pay attention.

The area was very luxury indeed. Gigantic yachts, some even with a helicopter on the top ! The shops were in a Gallery all out of marble, and everything looked very clean.

Nicole inspects an antique oven which was there for decoration. The shops are very elegant and all along the harbour were beautifully decorated restaurants and caf├ęs. Unfortunately my camera was in a bad mood this evening and the night pictures didn't come out very well. I must have done something wrong with the settings. We had a refreshing glass of beer before we went home. Now we know that we have to go back there one afternoon, to see this in daylight, but that's on the program for next year !

In this place we really realized the enormous gap between rich and poor Egyptians ! We also realized that the locals we met were against the fact to mix religion with politics ! One young student who worked in the hotel to pay his studies told me a little about the troubles now in Cairo. A fact is that almost all intellectuals are against the actual president, but of course all uneducated people believe what they are told. Everything will get better !

We spent our last day on the beach. The confused lady followed me to the toilet wanted to put on her bathing suit and started to undress on the beach. I pushed her inside the restroom and told her that she had to undress in a toilet and lock the door. She did it and while she changed clothes she sang, what she took off. "And now I take off my T-shirt, lalala" etc. It was funny but also sad.

Before we went swimming for the last time, I took these pictures of the view out of our room and our little balcony where I always took my first cup of coffee.


diane b said...

You will miss this lovely scene and the beach.

claudie said...

Yes! I think so too!!! You will miss this marvelous place! But there are some in Waterloo who must be happy you're back!

jennyfreckles said...

I've enjoyed reading about your holiday. Sounds like you had lots of fun and laughed a lot.... The best kind of holiday. Hope you won't expect to be treated like a VIP at home though!