18 May 2012


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1. After acqua gym and our "tea party" I went shopping for cat food. Arthur must have a hole in his stomac !  As it was nice and warm I finally finished my planting in pots, and realized that I didn't have enough earth and also 5 plants were missing ! We didn't eat outside, but other neighbors started their first barbecue.

2. The next day it was cold the temperature had dropped about 10°C ! and then came this

between heavy showers, dark skies, and sunshine, suddenly we got hail, big like peas ! It looked as if it had snowed. My poor freshly planted flowers ! No way to continue my garden job !

3. Next day it still rained so I took the opportunity to create a special birthday photo for our Indian friend, whom I know since 1967 when we worked together in an American company. When he married a French girl, we also became friends, were pregnant at the same time so our sons have the same age and our friendship lasted all over these years

This is the result, then I bought a nice frame and tried it out. I am quiet happy with the result, now I have to print it on photo paper and put it in the frame. It's always difficult to find a nice gift for people who have everything !

4. My son called me to tell me that he wants to come with little Toby over the weekend. Of course we were both happy to have them here.

My grandma "equipment" missed some important things, so I went to Ikea where I bought this foldable net box for the toys and a little diner service for toddlers.

5. I also imagined that I was 18 month old and had just learned to run around and discover the world. First thing I would try is to check out the cat figurines of all sizes and materials which are sitting a little everywhere, and of course try to pet the real cats.  As a naughty grandma, I removed all cats which are in reach of a curious little boy. Then I removed little tables and the remote controls, and of course I also invented something to protect my 4 cats from a nervous breakdown, in case a cheerful laughing and screaming mini human runs behind them and eventually even catch their precious tails. So tomorrow before they arrive we will put something in between the door frame which allows the cats to get out of the "sleeping quarters" but won't allow Toby do get in. Life is made of compromises.


Jo said...

Sorry about the hail "damage" to your newly planted pots. Re cat food: Grant says if we didn't have cats here and in SA, we could retire! I love the photo you made of Ratan. He will surely treasure it even more than some of his precious possessions. Lovely that you know them since the mid-sixties. Oh WOW, that Toby is coming to his clever grandma's house. I love the net box and the mini eating set. Removing all your remotes reminds me of little Joel back home. One of the first words he learned was "button" ! Enjoy both your boys this weekend! Jo

Barbara H. said...

That's too bad about the hail damage!

That photo is such a great idea. I'll have to remember that!

That sounds like a wise compromise to have little Toby over but to spare both the figurines and real cats.

I like the cute table and toddler dishes!

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

Takes a bit of planning to get ready for a visit from a toddler, but it is so worth it!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

There was hail in our area too. Thankfully it missed our house this time.

I love the things you got for you visitor. Enjoy him!

Susanne said...

Ah, yes, child proofing will save many a cat ornament from curious toddler hands. Enjoy your visit with your precious grandson. I'm sure he'll love his new set of dishes and cutlery.

Your poor flowers. It's only 9*C here today too so I know how you feel though we got rain we didn't get the hail.

Kathie said...

Oh dear your poor flowers! Hopefully you'll have some warmer weather soon so that you can't enjoy your outdoors.

I love your little dinner set for your grandson - very cute! Hope you have a great visit with them. And hope your kitties survive :)

Happy weekend!

Kathie said...

oops I mean so that you CAN enjoy your outdoors!! haha

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Enjoy your time with Toby -- it sounds like you're ready!

Cezar and Léia said...

You plan everything in details, it's wonderful, I'm sure Toby and the cats will be in puuuurfect harmony! :)
Don't forget to take some pictures!

Faith said...

We had hail this past week as well!! it was a freaky rainstorm!! and now that we are here on the weekend the weather has been perfect, thank GOD! Have fun with your grandson!! happy weekend!!

Pamela said...

our cat still doesn't like the grands. Well, she doesn't like anyone who rings the doorbell.