14 May 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on weekend May 12, 2012.

On Saturday morning we had a little business meeting in a very beautiful hotel near Brussels airport.

In front of the entrance stood this tree, which almost looked real but was in fact made out of glass. I suppose it's lightened in the evening.

The afternoon I continued with my new garden look. This year it's quiet some work because I had to start from the scratch. Next year it will be better because I now have all the pots and the earth in the pots so I only have to plant the flowers.

I worked at least for 2 h and then I ran out of earth and plants and couldn't continue. I wasn't sad at all I really had enough. Gardening is not one of my hobbies !

The rest of the day I spent with sorting out the pictures I had taken in Amsterdam, especially those with little Toby

On Sunday morning I went with Dominique to the market in the next little town, because she also needed plants and herbes. There was also a big stand with baby and children clothes, and of course we two grandmas couldn't resist. She bought for her little 3 year old grandson and for her granddaughter who has the same age as Toby, 18 months.

I found this real cute and hope it suits him well. Sizewise I think I bought big enough.

In the afternoon we booked our trip to London on June 11 and Hotel/musical package for "Ghost".

Now I still have  3 pots to fill in with real flowers, these once are artificial which I had put in in autumn, then forgot, so the whole winter we had flowers !

As usual we watched a Midsomer Murder, this time with the new Barnaby. Dominique had brought a box of this year's first strawberries, which were delicious, and while Inspector Barnaby discovered 4 corpses during the movie, we ate our strawberries and chocolate cookies.


Jo said...

That hotel entrance must be spectacular in the evening. I love the photos of Toby and his dad. Toby has such a confident smile and will one day fit those large clogs, I'm sure! And the racing crew outfit is beautiful. Just right for a little boy! I only gardened with John Tsia in SA and with Stanley Rono in Kenya. Else I would tire out too quickly. You had a couple of assistants, or were they just spectators? Glad you booked your London trip (he-he!) Have a lovely day. Jo

Linens and Royals said...

I leave London on 9th June, arrive home on the 11th. Ghost should be a good show.
Gardening is not one of my hobbies either.

Lea said...

Love seeing the photos of Toby! He is no longer a cute baby - he is growing to be a handsome boy!
Gardening is work, but the rewards - beautiful flowers!
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Cezar and Léia said...

your pictures are always beautiful images, mainly with the adorable Toby smiling!
Your garden is beautiful as well, you worked a lot during the weekend! :)
Here the weather is great but it's cold.Yesterday we enjoyed a cruise on the scenic Mosel river with friends but even with beautiful sunshine, I was freezing and I "guess" I got another cold ( my throat hurts) :(
The sculpture of the white kitty looks like ARthur! ;)
Adorable flowers!

Maribeth said...

I re-potted a bunch of plants yesterday. 14 plants! I decided to have more patio pots this year. I love watching the vegetables grow!

Loree said...

Gardening is nice - when others do it. LOL. That little outfit is so cute.