21 Feb 2012


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Since 37 years I live in Waterloo and I had never taken the bus to Brussels ! It only takes half an hour to get to the South Station where the big Brussels'market is located on Sunday mornings.
I took some pictures out of the window, because clean !

A bus stop with comfort, somebody had left a kid's pisspot there

The bus stops are all yellow. The bus took me through very old parts of Brussels where the old stylish buildings haven't been demolished for ugly modern once

Arriving at the market I saw this car selling "Gaufres Chaudes" which means the Brussels' Hot Wafels.

I had also a glance on the flowers, I am waiting for spring !

When you drive with you car you don't have time to see much, I discovered quiet a lot of areas where I want to go back when it's warmer. I drove this way X times when I used to work in Brussels, but had never payed attention to the buildings and their architecture.

This was the old "European School" which had been created in 1958 when the first employees of the "Commun Market" (today the European Union) moved to Brussels from their countries. Now it is used for administration purposes, a modern school building is just behind.



Jill Samter Photography what to do to protect you even without this feature.


Linens and Royals said...

Great views and so very different to the views I see on my bus rides.
Travel for seniors is not free here but it is very very cheap.

LadyFi said...

That was a clean window! Loved this glimpse into Brussels!

Lea said...

Enjoyed that short tour of Brussels.
Lovely flowers, primroses? - I would not be able to pass them without buying one.
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie

Janet said...

Nice tour! I surely admire the old architecture, and I could sure use one of those waffles.

Sylvia K said...

What a wonderful visit to Brussels and what a beautiful city it is! The flowers are gorgeous!! Love your captures for the day, Gattina, as always! Hope your week is off to a good start! Enjoy!


Loree said...

Lovely architecture. I really love waffles - especially covered with Nutella :)

Maribeth said...

Oh, I love waffles!!!

Friko said...

Strangely, although I have been through Brussels on the train many times, and have been in other Belgian cities many times, I've never been to Brussels. Perhaps I need to come just for the waffles.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same waterloo as in Napoleon and wellington? I love the begian waffles. Being Swiss, I would not be caught dead eating their horrible chocolate.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh the flowers look great and the architecture is wonderful. I love old buildings

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

your bus stop is just like mine, e call if Ad Shells here. Sometimes they get shelled (shot)

"Hurry up, kid, the bus is coming."

"Bus is here, pull up your pants."

"We just made it, shut up, what are you crying for?"

10 minutes later,

"Oh no!!!! we forgot the potty."

Pamela said...

take me along.....!