19 Feb 2012


My horoscope for today says that :

This is a bipolar day -- though it's pretty likely to be stuck at one pole for most of it! If you find things start to crash around you, it's best to just call it quits and wait.

The pole must be my computer and and as suggested I sit here and wait for the crash.

Another horoscope for the same day found out that :

You're finding fault with yourself and everyone else today, and it isn't fun for anyone. Where is this grumpy mood coming from? Inspect your feelings.

So what I will do, is inspecting my feelings at the computer while waiting that it crushes.

No wonder that I would be grumpy when this happens !

See horoscopes say the truth ! You just have to do what they say.


A Lady's Life said...

very good gattina lol

wenn said...

sometimes it can be true..