4 May 2012


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1. It was again time to drive my neighbor to the hospital in Brussels for her monthly shot in the eye. There was quiet a lot of traffic, because they repair streets everywhere at the same time !

2. Our Acqua gym teacher had hurt her back and has to stay at home. To my surprise when I arrived, there was a young man, who replaced her. As I didn't expect a man amongst all us women I expressed my surprise with a loud "Awww a male !" which made laugh the whole group, the young man included. He actually was very good and I had some muscles which hurt the next day ! Good sign.

3. After grey days we had one wonderful day with sunshine.

My friend Ilona and I took the opportunity to visit the Huizing Park very close to Brussels. It's a beautiful park and very big. The flowers had started to bloom and it was so colorful everywhere. Lots of people from the city were there with their children, there is also a  zoo with chicken, goats, rapids and other little animals and a very exceptional playground, made out of tree trunks. I had never seen such and apparently it also was quiet new. There were also families with blankets sitting on the grass and having a picnic. Of course I did some photo shootings, and was happy about the result.

4. We hadn't put up our garden furniture yet because the weather was too cold.

When it was warmer we decided to clean the terrace with the Karcher, the tiles were unusually green this year. We couldn't finish, because suddenly we had very heavy rain, impossible to stay outside. I hoped the rain would stop, but it didn't so we have to do the rest maybe tomorrow.

5. In or painting group for once we discussed politics because of the French president elections on Sunday with the candidates Sarkozy and Hollande. They made the same circus show like in the States, two candidates insulting each other politely on TV, one promising the heaven on earth (Hollande) the other still President more realistic, because he had realized that without money in the governmental piggy bank, you can't keep your promises. Finally everybody was for Sarkozy the actual president, although he is not ideal either, but still better than the big mouth Hollande. And while we discussed their personalities I started a new cat painting.

This one I had painted for my little grandson Toby for his room, for Easter


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear Gattina!
I love your artwork, you are so talented.The Rosie painting is adorable.
I like a lot your collage, your pictures are beautiful.I would like to be there in the Park with you, such a beautiful day.
Have a nice weekend, with sunny days!

Maribeth said...

I love the painting you did for Toby! We have cold, gray weather again, and will for the next week! I am so sick of it!

ellen b said...

That's funny about your reaction to your male teacher. I'm glad everyone including the teacher laughed! We are counting our sunny days here, too. We haven't had too many yet and that makes it hard to work on the yard! Have a nice weekend.

Susanne said...

I'm so glad you were finally able to enjoy a day with sunshine! Hopefully many more are soon coming and staying.

Beautiful park. Love the picture with the big house through the trees.

momto8blog said...

you artwork is wonderful! the politics here in the states is so crazy...and mean..I stopped listening.

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

You had a busy and fun week. And you are so talented. Your comment about US politics is absolutely right on (I wish it weren't).