24 Apr 2012

OUR WORLD - Spring ?

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If you have Spring season in your country, I just show you how it looks in my part of the world since 3 weeks !!

You leave your home in sunshine, and being optimistic you think that it would last the whole day, although it's still quiet cold 6°C (43 F), and the temperature raises only a few degrees during the day.

This was the nice way going driving to my Acqua Gym at 9.30 am. 

when I came out it looked already darker

Arriving on the parking of our supermarket, the weather didn't know to decide for what.

Of course it decided for rain.

coming home and looking out of the window it didn't look like the sun would come out again, and indeed it started to rain mixed with hail the whole afternoon ! Of course that mother Nature is a little late with leaves and flowers !

The one who said this is right !

Spring : What is it like ? "Is it the sun shining on the rain or the rain falling on the sunshine" ?


  1. But remember - the spring showers will bring the summer flowers!

  2. Do not despair. Flowers will come if you wait for them.

  3. Here it's the same.Yesterday I tried to walk a little bit and I came back home running with the rain.I'm so fool!LOL

  4. It is the same today , here, South of France! Grew, windy and the weather doesn't know very well if it wants rain or not! But with our jacket we are outside with the portal! Un bol d'air!

  5. Believe it or not, it's overcast with a nippy breeze here in Western Tanzania. I'm not sure whether we should be having "winter" here now, because where we lived in Kenya, which was above the Equator, we were in the Northern Hemisphere and our seasons were the same as yours. So yes, I am sympathetic to you today, Our weather, which looks very indecisive, is gloomy and depressing. Hugs Jo

  6. A wet spring! I experienced it too and loved it. :)

  7. I woke to bright sun at 8 AM. It is now 8:15 AM, the sun is gone and looks like rain!

  8. Ah yes, typical spring weather!

  9. Our spring weather has been very much the same as yours! Gray, grim and rainy much of the time and then suddenly blue skies and sunshine!! The trees are leafing out and we do have so gorgeous flowers and colors, but it is slow! Great captures of your world today, Gattina, in spite of the rain and gray! Hope you have some blue skies before the week is over!


  10. April, April ~ er macht, was er will.

    Our World Tuesday

  11. Its exactly as you say - I just came back from London and the weather was sunny in the morning, and rainy again in the afternoon and cloudy in the evening. Still I enjoyed the spring break there!

  12. Spring weather has more or less settles here. it's quite warm during the day but still quite cool at night.

  13. Remember last year's spring: the lovely warm days, the sun? *Sigh*

  14. Ah here it was a lousy day as well Rainy and dull.
    I really love it when the sun comes out.:)
    But I have the apple tree buds coming out and they keep me happy :)

  15. Hi,
    This spring we have had more rain than usual. Early spring it was cold as if winter had come back. And there was a typhoon-like violent storm. But now, daytime is hot like early summer.
    You had a changeable weather; a sunny, rainy and cloudy day in one day.
    Here in Nara,Sakura (cherry blossoms) season was over and now we are waiting for wisteria blooming.
    Have a nice week!

  16. That street of little houses is adorable. You just happen to live in one my favorite places in the world. I adore Belgium and want to return again one more time before I can no longer make that long trip across the pond. You gave us a bit of everything in this post and that made it so interesting to view. Great work. genie

  17. Just like our weather lately - until today when the spring finally arrived! Sunshine! Warmer! YAY!


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