5 Sept 2011


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This weekend I was very busy ! Summer suddenly came back for 2 days exactly, and we had temperatures up to 32 °C (89 F). In this heat it took me all my courage to put the flowers I had bought in the empty pots, after that I was half melted.

Of course they have to get bigger now, but Rome wasn't built in one day either.

In the evening our son arrived with his little family. He wanted to celebrate his 38th birthday (which doesn't make me any younger) with us in Waterloo, where he still has lots of friends.

Of course little Toby played with Nonno, who was in heaven to keep his little grandson busy !
On the pictures you see Toby eating a banana, then rolling around with Nonno, checking his teeth, reading with Nonna and try to walk with mom. It's a bit early because Toby is only 9 1/2 months old but he loves standing on his feet.

The birthday party took place at my son's best friend, because he too has little children and is far more better equipped for such a barbecue than we are. He had prepared at home a delicious pasta salad in a Pesto sauce, and in his friend's garden you see him here busy with the barbecue.

Sitting around the table all together with the kids, we had a lot of fun.

Benjamin the little son of our son's friend is 14 months old, walks and has the same size as Toby. Toby is a little giant. He has the average size of a more than 13 months old, nearly 80 cm (31 inches) and accordingly his weight is a little more than 10 kg (22 lbs). It was so funny to see him crawling behind little Benjamin who walked like a drunken sailor. Benjamin's sister Camille had her 6th birthday, so we celebrated all together. Toby tries to catch her on her bike, I have to say he crawls very quickly, only with his arms. Just like a soldier in exercise.

We all enjoyed the birthday party very much and the sun was shining as if payed for !

During the night was a big thunderstorm and it cooled down and rained.

There were so many left overs that I invited my friend Dominique to share them with us, before we started our "Midsomer murder" TV evening.

The young family had returned home to Amsterdam and left behind a tired Nonno and a half tired Nonna. We have to learn our new job ! When he starts to walk it will be better because now, carrying around 10 kgs is rather difficult !


  1. Lovely to be able to spend some time with your family and the weather was indeed glorious this weekend!

    I think this post will give you a very good alibi. Unless it's needed because of some burglary at your friend's house fo course. Then you may be in a bit of a bother...

  2. Grandfathers are besotted with their grandsons aren't they? The party looked like a child minding centre. It must have been hectic with all those kids to keep tabs on. Toby is a baldy giant and how well he can move around. Loved Nonno on the ground with Toby. Grossvati couldn't do that he is too stiff from lack of exercise.

  3. Wonderful family times! I am now back from my sister's house and I am exhausted! The wedding was wonderful and the bride and groom made a handsome couple. I put pictures and a short video up.

  4. Fabulous! What a lovely time you all had together:-)

  5. What a wonderful weekend you all had together - and wonderful weather too. Here it was humid and sweltering hot. We spent Saturday mostly at the beach and yesterday I cleaned the house like Speedy Gonzalez :)

  6. PS ... I forgot ... you've been tagged on my blog.

  7. That Toby is soooooo cute! He's getting sO TALL ... and lean! He's just like his father! Tyler is ROUND! VERY round! LOL - like his Nana! But he wants to always be on his feet now too! Just turned 8 months a week ago -- but ALL he wants to do is WALK! He's not even really crawling yet. He scoots. Couldn't care less about getting his fat belly up off the floor! UNLESS it's onto his feet! And when we put him in his walker, he RUNS! But mostly he just wants to hold our fingers and walk walk walk... while our backs break break break...

    Honestly Gattina... aren't they the sweetest things on God's green earth??? How did we EVER live without these babies?


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