15 Aug 2011


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Sensation and excitement in our street ! I sat peacefully at my computer when I heard loud meows in the street. Quiet unusual because it sounded like a cry for help. I went on the street and met another lady who also had come out of a neighborhouse, whom I didn't know, but she presented herself as the mother of the young couple living across the street which was on holidays. We found a little ginger cat about 6 months old with the paw trapped in a far too large collar.

In my excitement I completely forgot to take a picture, and found this one on internet. It was so cute and looks very similar. I was so worried what to do with it in case I didn't find the owner.

The little cat was so happy to see us and purred and turned around our legs. I took the collar off and fortunately found an adress and a telephone n°. which I called immediately. A man answered in a forgeign languagage and it turned out that he and his family were in Poland on holidays and the cat had been left at home as apparently he and his wife were servants in a house were they also had a flat.

He was really very upset and worried about his little cat. I told him that I would bring it home, what Mr. G. and I did, but before I fed the little thing which was starving. The little cat's home was very far away, even amazing that it had done all this way to end up in our street.

When I rang at the door of a big mansion a young girl opened and I explained what happened. Mr. G. was waiting with little cat on his lap in the car. It hadn't said a word the whole way long as if it was used to drive in a car. In this very moment my mobile rang again and it was the polish man to ask news about the cat. I told him that I just was at the house door and gave the phone to the girl. She reassured him to take care of the cat. She then in bathrobe and barefoot went over the gravel to our car picked up little cat cuddled it and we were so relieved that this bad adventure had a happy end.

The afternoon I went for a visit to Ilona, I hadn't seen her since I returned from Oxord and we had quiet a lot to chat.

The whole weekend it rained and rained and there was even flooding at some places, impossible to put your nose outside. I just managed to go to the market between two showers and buy our Thai food, freshly made for supper.

The evening was dedicated to Midsomer Murders, and Dominique came over to watch with us and we strengthened ourselves with apples, grapes and brownies watching Inspector Barnaby to solve 6 murders this time !


Jo said...

Omw, Gattina, I'm glad that little cat came within earshot of YOU, a cat lover. I hope the owner told the young girl to take better care of the little cat from now on. I am leaving all three our cats in Naomi's (my house-lady)care mid-week when we go to Nairobi for two days. The man next door will also keep an eye on things. He loves cats and will make sure all are ok. It's a worry, as Shadow and our ginger kitten (looks like the photo on your post) stay in one side of the house while Ginger has to occupy the lounge/dining/kitchen area. He is very aggressive towards the kitten so it's best this way. We had a weekend of torrential rain and I thought of you, now I know how you feel. Perhaps Grant and I should watch Inspector Barnaby when this happens again! Have a great week. Jo (PS I hope the sun's out in your country: it's shining here for the first time in five days!)

Mar said...

Lucky pretty cat to find a cat rescuer in you!! so that's what they are called, ginger cats, our outdoor cat looks just like the one in the picture :)

claudie said...

What a lovely surprise with the kitty and a happy end! The cat found the good place to cry his sos! Just near you! Stop rain, now! We want to bring you the sun in Waterloo!

Linens and Royals said...

That lucky little cat knew where to call for help as you went to so much trouble to take him safely home again.

Maribeth said...

Yes, all cats know where to go when they need help. The cat Lady! I am the dog Lady and all stray dogs come to me.
Good that you found the owners.

A Lady's Life said...

What a wonderful story.
Poor kitty.
I am still ow ing at home
Any irregular movement hurts.
I answered the phone and try taking a message with one hand?
My mistake was to try.
This morning it still hurts I hope i didn't do more damage.
Sure fixed myself good. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you were there to take care of the cat.

Mara said...

Oh, that is so cute! I once found a little kitten: riddled with fleas and with a big infection in both its eyes. I already had four cats and wasn't going to help this cat get back to good health, so I found the animal help line. A woman came to pick the kitten up and told me she would keep it at home. Together with the dozen or so other cats she had rescued!

Glad to find your cat family was glad to have him back!

A Lady's Life said...

gattina have you ever gone to Dijon?

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Oh, such a sweet little cat story. How nice of you to take the poor cat home again!

Our farmer are always so worried about two of his male cats who is vanished for days from time to time, but they always comes home again. They are castrated so no worries for kittens... lol...