14 Aug 2011


Each year when I come back from the Eastbourne at the English coast, I try to arrive early morning in London and spend the day there before catching the Eurostar back to Brussels early evenings. This year after Eastbourne I stayed 3 days in Oxford and had wonderful summer weather, but the day I had to leave for London it rained cats and dogs.

My London tour was fallen into water litterally. I checked out as late as possible and catched the Bus from Oxford to London. It rained and rained. I sat on the top of the bus and had a wonderful view through the rain drops !

London when I arrived. Water streamed over the windshield

The streets looked rather wet ! I took the bus from Victoria Station to St. Pancras to see as much as possible from rainy London. It was August 4, fortunately before the riots started.

It cleared up a bit when I arrived at King's Cross, St. Pancras Station is just on the other side.

I had 3 h to discover the Station and did some window shopping. I also had a nice little lunch and

listened to the music of this lady group. They were real good. By the time I had digged out my other camera to make a little video, they stopped for a pause !

The Eurostar part of the station was already decorated for the Olympic games

The people who arrive in London have this view

I also had for once the time to see this beautiful statue

in all it's details. Finally time went by quiet quickly and I had to check in at 4.30 to leave at 5 pm. Outside it still rained. What a pity.


Linens and Royals said...

Oh No! I missed seeing that beautiful statue. Now I will have to go back.
Great rainy London views,always best seen from the top front row of a double decker bus.

Jo said...

Sorry you had such awful weather, Gattina. What a pretty station. And the statues are so detailed, I couldn't stop looking. (((Hugs))) Jo

jabblog said...

These are honest pictures of London - the rain washes everything clean;-)

Maribeth said...

Those are wonderful statues. Glad you missed the riots.

H said...

How funny that we both posted about the same place on the same day! What co-incidence! I hope you enjoyed your time in the UK :)

Gledwood said...

That's how London is meant to look: steaked with rain!

claudie said...

Beautiful statues! Nice London views from the bus! mélissa will leave budapest tomorrow! I'm sp sorry she forget her camera!

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Oh dear look at the rain - it could be winter!