12 Jun 2011


I was born during WW II in 1943. What I had eaten from that day on until food control and expiry dates were created in the 80th was certainly not always healthy and therefore, it's a miracle that I am still alive and even enjoy a good health.

Ever since I had to deal with the Bird flu, not only me, the whole world. Poor poultry was banned from our menu and millions of chickens were killed.

Coming next ?

When we had finished with the birds, suddenly the swine flu showed up in 2008 and thousands of pigs were also killed and we feared the poor pigs. So what was left as meat in our plates ?? the beaf ! but not for long because the cows became mad in 2009 and nobody wanted to eat a good steak anymore. Again the same thing happened thousands of cows were killed.

After this animal cleaning, we were allowed to eat chicken, pork and beef again. Vegetables had never been a source of concern.

But now since a few weeks there is a virus in the air, coming from Germany and called E-coli. First suspects were cucumbers from Spain, poor cucumbers were innocent. All scientists of the world tried to find the bad virus, while the population feared to eat vegetables even boiled and panicked again.

It became as usual a big money business, especially when Russia banned all imports of EU fresh vegetables. The farmers went beserk and had to throw there tomatoes, cucumbers and salads in the garbadge. Millions and Millions of € or $ were lost.

Now we can eat our salad and vegetables again because the culprit was in bean sprouts produced in Germany for "Bio" sale !

I really wonder what is coming next.

According to Wikipedia mad cows, pigs and birds causing flu to humans has already existed since a long time. Only we had less media communication, less TV and less Radio and maybe also less international business and money makers.

The truth ???


claudie said...

Excellent report, Gattina! I hope we will be a little in peace after this last sad experiment with vegetables! And bio vegetables over all! Who could think that!!! A few days ago I learnt the Europe Union could allow animal meal again just for the fishes in a first time.....

jabblog said...

Horrible though these diseases undoubtedly are, the media seize on every outbreak and sensationalise them - quite ridiculous. In the grand scheme of things the fatalities are minimal.

Reader Wil said...

Brilliant post! But how awful that we can hardly eat any more if we want to stay healthy!On the otherhand we might die from starvation. So it's a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Janice at Jabblog — the fatalities are few (especially compared with something like traffic statistics) and most of the victims are farmers who have to destroy their flocks or their crops.
But it is, indeed, a media circus. "Possible pandemic" is music to a news-hound's ears! Terrible, but true, and media outlets almost never say, "Oops, false alarm."
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Yes, one really can wonder... is it an economical trick? Very suspicious indeed...