11 Jun 2011


Yesterday I stumbled over a post where somebody described her misfortunes as a scatty person. That made me think of three misfortunes which happened to me, the last one this year probably because I am very scatty too.

Long time ago, we were invited to a Cocktail with a lot of very posh people in a very elegant place. I remember I wore a beautiful dress with flower patterns, it was out of muslin with lots of flounces and at calflength.

I was very proud of my dress and stalked around like a peacock amongst the guests. Then unfortunately I had to go to the restroom and when I came back I was even more proud because everybody starred at me and my beautiful dress. That's what at least I thought. In reality my dress was stuck in my briefs at the back and I peacocked around showing what usually is hidden. People smiled and some laughed until a good soul told me why I draw so many attention to my persona. What should I do ? I pulled the dress out and laughed and it became really funny and more cool . Of course long time after that people still remembered my "performance".

One day I was a little late and very much in a hurry, because I had an appointment with a client and my boss in his office. I arrived ponctually in the garage and when I got out of the car I noticed with horror, that I still had my dark blue felt slippers on ! I couldn't return home, that would take too long and the two men were waiting for me, because I had to translate from French into English. First thing I did when I opened the door, I showed them my feet and told them what happened. They both laughed and me too and then we could start with the business discussion. I really looked very elegant in a beige suit with a short skirt (it was the mini skirt time) and my rather old felt slippers.

The last "adventure" of this kind I had not long ago in January. It was very cold and I wore always leggings under my jeans. I had to do some shopping so off I went and when I arrived on the parking I discovered that I had forgotten my jeans ! I was there in my black leggings and a winter jacket ! Fortunately nobody had seen me, because I looked very comical. I quickly returned home, put on my jeans and went shopping !


Kay L. Davies said...

Gattina my friend, I know you, and I'm sure you could have handled the third episode as elegantly as you did the first two. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do it, and you are that one-in-a-million.
Luv — K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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claudie said...

Funny! For sure you had the best react in the first situation! Better laughen about the misfortune!

Jo said...

Hi Gattina, you certainly handled the first episode with applomb and to bring attention to your [old] blue felt slippers when you met the men in the office, was also very clever. In the third case, you have slender legs and would have passed as one of the young lasses walking around in leggings and coat, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing these memories. They've reminded me of a few things I've done in my life! Have a great weekend, my friend. (((hugs))) Jo

Maribeth said...

Oh I am always doing silly things like this. You read about my sandal incident last week. Now I keep my feet in good shoes. I am not made for heels or sandals! LOL!

A Lady's Life said...

LOL these are all funny things that happen in life.lol

I am always afraid of talking with food stuck between my teeth and once when a wave hit me it took my bathing suit with it so I never wear a two piece lol
How embarrassing ! lol