5 Jun 2011


I suppose that everybody has a favorite TV series. Mr. G and I love to watch the Midsomer murders whenever they are on TV, which unfortunately doesn't happen very often. Only 2 French speaking channels have them and one German. Therefore Inspector Barnaby speaks perfect French or German. I only heard his original voice once, when I was in the UK.

Of course we were still very behind the actual series, so yesterday was the evening of a big disappointment ! We saw a French speaking Inspector Barnaby with DS Ben Jones, (Troy was already gone) after having solved the murder of 2 and a half persons (the third one was only half dead and actually survived) announcing his retirement and presenting his "cousin" John as the new Chief inspector.

I like this type of crime stories, they are thrilling without wild shootings like in the American series, except the good old Colombo with his invisible wife and some other series which I liked too. But these CSI series where you see outhanging stomacs, vomit and other appetizing analysis on your screen while possibly you have your supper, wild shooting and blood almost streaming out of the TV and on the floor is not so much to my taste. Some of them are just limit, but I don't like the Miami red haired guy at all he always holds his head bias when he talks to somebody. I call him the bias head.

After having tried to solve the murders of around 273 persons over 14 years, Mr. Barnaby now retired. Why can't he do like the pope ? He never will retire ! I only hope that his "cousin" is a good replacement ! Mr. G. had calculated that there were an average of 3 murders per film.

These kind of calculations are made by an overworked retired man (mine)

Now, at the same age, we are both retired ...

I think he badly needs a support for his head !


Pamela said...

oh you have me giggling about bias head. ha ha ha. irks me, too.

I think I'd like your Midsomer murders. I hate the gore.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, this is so funny, Gattina.
I used to like Columbo, too. He was a lot like my dad, a lot smarter than he let people know. I loved that.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Marja said...

I actually never saw midsomer murders I loved colombo as well and at the moment we are ooking at sherlock holmes. Amazing how many of these series there are

Loree said...

Oh LOL. Nobody seems to like the red-haired guy from CSI Miami.

Helena said...

Yes, Horatio definitely needs his neck seeing too, and his eyes, too, as he always seems to need sunglasses.

Midsomer would be a very dangerous place to live, wouldn't it? LIke Oxford (Morse).

My mum likes the new fella cos he has a nice dog. LOL!

Jenny said...

I'm always sad when TV shows I loves end. This sounds like a fascinating one.

Gracie said...

I just adore Barnaby! In Italy we have the series too, and I like to watch it, and to take a look at the english countryside as well! My fav tv show is Criminal Minds, I can't wait for september for the 7th season.