4 Jun 2011


I had again a fight with my Madame GPS. She definitively is not up to date anymore and should retire, but she insists to stay there were she is like lots of old politicians. The worst is, like them I cannot update her and with the age she becomes stubborn.

She loves highways, of course that's an easy driving and you arrive quickly at destination if you are not sitting in a traffic jam at office hours, although I try to avoid them. She doesn't like little streets which leads you through towns, the only thing she loves is the countryside and the cows, where she had already taken me.

I wanted to go to the Garden store to buy my cat statue which now sits cemented in front of our mailbox. I know that from my friend Ilona's house it's a very short way to get to the store without using the highway. So I decided to let Madame GPS switched off and only asked for her help once I was on the main road leading to Ilona's.

Immediately she started to get me back on the highway, and recalculated in this direction. But that's where I didn't want to go, it would have been a huge detour. I continued the way I thought to know but the street was closed for works. Then it started ! Mme GPS recalculated furiously in all directions and I furiously went in the opposite. Finally I recognized the church tower of a Brussels suburb which was in the right direction ! I followed the tower and Mme GPS being irreligious recalculated to get on her beloved highway.

Finally she changed her mind and suddenly I was on the right street and she brought me safely to my Garden store of which she had the address in her memory.

I bought the cat and now as there was no highway nearby, on the way back Madame GPS took me without protests and recalculations safely to Ilona where I exhausted but a winner had a cup of tea.


Marja said...

ha ha love your sense of humour and your relationship with your GPS
Good that you finally agreed.

diane b said...

Do you argue with her in the car like Bill does? A funny post thanks for the giggle.

claudie said...

Mrs GPS should make a stage for new connections!!!! Hi Hi!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, we will always remember you and that GPS. What fun we had!
I think you can program Madame GPS to avoid highways.
You can also try to get an updated memory card for her. You might not need a whole new unit! We borrowed a friend's Europe card, put it in our old GPS, and Dick used it while walking on his own in Paris and other cities.
Good luck!
Luv — K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

A Lady's Life said...

They are tricky little guys. I have a tomtom and its great.
but you have to make sure you put in all the address properly or it takes you somewhere else.

Pamela said...

I just updated my GPS so I hope she doesn't show me out in the middle of the field when we're driving through the new freeway section