3 Jun 2011


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1. This week we really had a rollercoaster weather. It was so hot on Monday that I almost melted in the garden, while I was reading my emails and preparing posts.

Of course the cats had to keep me company and watched that I did everthing right. Because of the heat I didn't put my nose outside except the garden of course.

2. Because it rained cats and dogs and the temperature had dropped to half of what we had the day before, I did some shopping got wet and returned home quickly. The farmers were happy about the rain, everything is so dry. We never had such a warm and dry spring since the creation of the weather station in 18 hundred something !

3. Ilona has invited her daughter with family for a barbecue and that immediately makes around 20 persons ! Her daughter has 5 children, 4 of them with partners, so she needed party plates and decorations.

I took her to a shop which sells all kind of decoration things from plastic plates, glasses, cuttlery, flowers, table cloths etc. etc. from 20 to 400 pieces per package ! Here she is looking for placemats.

I found these table decorations gorgeous, when you think that everything you see is out of plastic and paper !

4. For the first time this year Dominique and I after our acqua gym could eat in the garden of "our" asiatic restaurant, they had completely renovated the terrace unfortunately I had forgotten my camera !

5. It's ascension day today and everything is closed, so I took the opportunity to read my book and take a sunbath, because today it's hot again.

Rosie did the same and sat on the warm stone cat.


Jo said...

I'm glad you've having warm weather, and also glad for the rain. Amazing that farmers can experience draught after your moist and drizzly winter! I love the cats keeping an eye on you, even the ornamental ones. And WOW to the table decorations. There is a great variety of this type of decoration in our Kenyan supermarkets and I should have had a dinner last night, but the boss was ill with malaria, so I cancelled ! I love that Dom's family can make a big party. What a treat to have a large family. Did you attend the barbeque? Glad you could sit outside in your fave asian restaurant. Did you bring home a meal for your hubby as normal? Have a great weekend, dear Gattina. (((hugs))) Jo

ellen b. said...

It really is amazing how good plastic ware can be. We all seem to be experiencing some interesting weather extremes. We are finally going to get some sunshine here! I'm glad you were finally able to eat outside! Have a good weekend.

Olive Tree said...

It's been a roller coaster weather at my place too this week. I love your cat, so cute. Lovely fave fives. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the weather is nice.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great week! Paper and plastic decorations have come so far.

It's been really hot here -- I haven't gone out unless I had to.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

The cat sitting on the cat -- how funny. Can't wait to hear how that big barbecue turned out. Sounds like a fun family gathering.

Have a great week ahead -- and hope you get a little relief from the heat.

Susanne said...

The kitty sitting on the stone kitty is cute. We could use a little of sunshine here!

The plastic and paper is really nice. Amazing what they do nowadays.

A Lady's Life said...

Aha! We caught the cat burglar. He's sitting on one in the picture lol

I hope the farmers have enough rain for their crops in summer because we had an over abundance in spring.
They may not even be able to plant this year.

Catherine said...

I'm glad you had soem sun mixed in with your rain.

Those table decorations really ARE pretty!

I love the photos with your cats!

Pamela said...

Rosie looks so much like elGee. I would be curious as to her personality. Often wondered if they match their coloring.

we've had lots of rain and cool weather here. Finally today has been gorgeous. Maybe my garden will grow.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Roller coaster weather is hard for me to handle. So glad it was cool in your home. How fun to go shopping for party supplies. What a huge group it was too. Reading is always a satisfactory thing to do when it is hot or even when it's cold or in between weather too. I guess readers don't really need an excuse to read, eh?