21 Aug 2010


With Gattina & Shakira.

Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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When I finally found my seat in the Eurostar train I was happy that I had a window seat, although you can't see very much when the train runs at 300 km/h only different shades of green, flying houses and cows.

I made myself comfortable took my baby computer out to play majong and as the train had shrinked since 1994 I only had very little space, just like in an airplane. When it started all wagons were like business class nice and spacious but now to squeeze more people in they had added rows and you feel like a sardine in a can. But the seat besides me was free so I thought I would have enough room for all my little things.

My luck didn't last long when suddenly a big (very big) but still young man tried to get through the aisle to the seat besides me. His face was red from the effort as his colons of legs hit the seats on both sides. He obviously was a business man, dressed in black trousers (what a size !) a white shirt and he only had a brief case. He fell in the seat and suddenly my world became very small and I thought I would been shot to the ceiling, but fortunately the seat was solid and didn't move. The man smiled at me, lifted up the armrest to let hang half of his bottom out on the aisle, sighed and happily closed his eyes.

I adjusted myself to the small place I had now and tried to continue my Majong. Suddenly I felt home. The man had started to snore, he snored so loud that a motor saw was a music box against him. After a while people stood up and looked in my direction to see where this awful noise came from.

Slowly I got more and more angry I couldn't concentrate on my game and really couldn't stand it anymore. So with my ellbow I pushed him a little. Nothing happened, he just gulped some air and snored even louder. I pushed him harder, nothing, finally I shook his voluminous arm, he woke up for a second and stopped but only to continue in another sound.

I thought I would get crazy, but then his mobile rang and he woke up ! What a pleasure ! When he finished his phone call, I wanted to go for little girls, so he lifted up his enormous body groaned from the effort and I could pull myself out of this narrow space.

Suddenly in the toilet I heard that the train would stop now in Ashford where I had to get out. With all this snoring I hadn't even realized that I was already in England and had crossed the channel sitting in the tunnel under hundreds of meters of water.

I pulled up what I had to pull up, stormed out of the toilet, grapped my suitcase and my backbag quickly smiled at my noisy elephant companion who stand there waiting for me and got off the train, just in time ! He probably continued to snore until London.

The rest of my journey went smooth in company of two nice ladies chatting with me and nobody snored !


Anonymous said...

LOL...this is just too funny. Your elephant. I can so picture this. I would have been angry as well about the snoring but actually there is nothing anyone can do when people snore. This guy at work here had surgery of some kind and now he doesn't snore at all. He said he is sleeping much better as well. So I probably would have put ear phones in and just try to ignore it. Too funny your tales. LOL I'm glad the trip home was un eventful :) Isn't it typical that they have made the passenger space smaller. It never ends. Very well done. Have a great Saturday :)

Nessa said...

Snoring can be so funny. People can't help themselves but it does make you annoyed and angry if you have to listen to it. My whole family snores even though my mother says she doesn't.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love the last one Ms. G!!! That, I think of you and your furbabies, sleeping on your bed while you'll gladly go to theirs. LOLOLOL


Jo said...

LOL at this post, Gattina. I've stopped complaining about my hubby snoring since he told me I snored. (HUH?) I still don't belief it but don't say the word "snore" incase he brings it up again. Ha! I look forward to more of your stories about your travels. Have a good day, my friend. Jo

Bloodhound said...

Nice story. I was thinking that all the fellow passengers would believe he was with you, how embarrassing that would be. Glad your journey ended on a high.

Jingle said...

I want to add my post to your funnies,
i will insert your meme link to my post as well..
have a fun saturday!

Wendy said...

I hate snoring, grrrrr...especially when you're in a place you can't escape and the snorer is right next to you. Thank you for giving me a good laugh today! :)

Melli said...

Snoring! AGH! I'm so glad to have my own room now!