24 Jul 2010


With Gattina & Shakira.

Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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I was busy in the kitchen to prepare something light to eat for lunch and had switched on the TV because I like to watch a little crime story, while I am eating and some little murders are always distracting. I like the "Murder she wrote" style not the bloody CSI series, where they cut guts into pieces or turn a stomac upside down to find a diamond or drugs while I am eating my lunch. While I was busy I listened when my film would start. Suddenly I didn't hear anything any more. Surprised I went in the living room and what did I see ?

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Cat Arthur deeply sleeping with his head half of the remote control and the TV was on "mute". He had also changed the channel and on top of that, he was on my place, where I always use to sit and watch TV ! I put the right channel, where a male body decorated with a sharp knife in his belly was already shown and put the sound. Arthur, whom I just displaced in the middle of the sofa, didn't even open an eye.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOL....our kitties. They really keep our lives filled with laughter and challenges of the day, don't they? Why just yesterday Tahoe put the screen's menu up on the TV to change the dimensions of how we view it....to zoom2. Don't know how she did it, but there she was on top of the remote...and of all things she was WATCHING the TV.

claudie said...

Ha! Ha! Arthur is an intelligent cat! He did as nothing but is activ when he's alone and take your place on the sofa!
Je prépare le repas ensuite je cours acheter un livre! Petits crimes conjugaux d'Eric Emmanuel Schmitt! Mon Prof de théâtre me demande de le lire car il a un projet...!!!?

Maribeth said...

Apparently Arthur doesn't like murder mysteries! What a funny thing! I have had the dackels do the same, but I swear they do it on purpose!

diane said...

Clever Arthur. he wouldn't have a chance here as Bill is the boss of the remote control.

Reader Wil said...

Ha, ha, ha!! That was really hilarious!
I also like "Murder She Wrote" and most British detective series. Long ago we had Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. I always watched these series.

Melli said...

LOL! There goes Arthur HELPING again! I bet you didn't even look to see what channel he switched it to for you... he probably found something MUCH better... like Animal Planet!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

See what a fantastic intelligent cat Arthur is! Already learning to shut off the TV! *giggles*

We've filled up some more cat photos again. A couple of them a bit more unusual.

Jo said...

Oh I love Arthur's "cheek" Gattina. I also love his relaxed lie on the sofa. Thanks for a good laugh. Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs)) Jo

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

Authur is too cute with his big grin on his face. You are so like my mom she loved Murder She Wrote and did not like CSI style murder mysteries.

Anonymous said...

This is what my dog does in bed. A small thing and yet takes up the room of a whole person lol
I also love murder she wrote. Its light, clean and easy on the eyes and brain and it also teaches how easy it is to become corrupted and how hard it is not to be.Thats why the old movies are much better than the new ones. The new ones say everything is ok and then when you cry they look for justice but then its too late Save your money and time.Justice can only be obtained if you live just surrounded by the same kind of people.