22 Jul 2010


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13 Things I selected for you at the flea market in Waterloo


African masks to great unwanted guests (put them in a dark corner)


A beautiful metal bed for your child


Humand sized wooden decorations for your garden or living room (I wonder if a church did sales)


Everything you need to renew in your house

a lobster as a jewelry box ?


An african laday as a floor lamp


to put in front of your bed, to get into a good mood for the day


old advertisings for smokers, for you to start smoking again


Get rid of your digital cameras and go back to the good old photo equipments


a mirror to admire your beauty


a porcelain doll with a shell skirt for your pets


elegant hats to keep your head warm


little figurines for the whole family, pets included


Maribeth said...

Interesting. Although I do not think I would put a baby into that metal bed. Ewwwww!

diane b said...

No wonder people are getting rid of those things all a bit kitch but fun to walk through and giggle.

Melli said...

Well, of course I want the hats! And I want that darling little sports car in the photo with the tabacco ads!

Unknown said...

I love sifting through flea markets. It's always such a high when you find a real 'treasure'. I highly doubt it would be a lobster jewelry case though lol Happy T13!

JCB said...

How fun!

claudie said...

Sounds a very interesting flea market!!! I need a hat to protect my head against the sun! I dream now the summer stop!! I didn't remember it was so hot last year!
My last post is up! Je suis crevée! Annaliina est repartie en Finlande de l'aéroport de Nice à 7h45 du matin ce qui signifie qu'on est parti à 4 h dans la nuit! Et en plus comme on avait un gros sanglier qui mangeait des glans à côté de la maison avec ses marcassins on a pas fermé l'oeil!
vive la vie sauvage et vive les horaires stupides pour reprendre son avion!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I love flea markets even though I seldom buy anything, but it sure is fun to see what findings one can do. So many fun old things.

Call me strange, but I really love that lobster jewelry box! *giggles*

Coincidence: I've planned to do a post about some sales over here later too!