23 Jul 2010


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Our weather luck continues in our usually so rainy country, besides some heavy short summer rains, it's dry and of course the farmers complain. Usually they complain because it's too wet.

1. On Sunday I did a little walk through the weekly flea market in Waterloo and as always was quiet surprised what kind of stuff was for sale and that people bought it ! I didn't find anything. In the post below you can see the kind of things I could have bought there.

2. I also had to drive my neighbor to a hospital which I knew by name because it is quiet famous, the reception looked like a big Hotel hall, at least that was my impression. My poor friend has to go there once a month to get a shot in one eye, so that she wouldn't get blind. This desease can't be healed but at least stopped. The doctor a young woman and the staff were extremely kind and friendly and we even joked together.

3. As it was so hot inside the country Ilona and I went to the sea, only one and a half hour away. We took ombrellas, seats and pic nic along and had a wonderful day. It was very hot, 32°C (90 F) which is very unusual at the North Sea. Apparently it was the hottest day since ages, but supportable because of the little breeze. Before going home we ate the traditional crepes and had a good strong coffee and then an alcohol free beer.

4. Our "4th of July" is on the 21st of July. Of course I went there with my friend Jacqueline just for the ambiance. In the morning the major held his annual speach (on the picture he is besides me) and then greeted the people. He also came over to me, I wonder if he remembers that 30 years ago we fought about a chair and I winned and he fell on the floor.

In the evening was a concert with a Freddy Mercury imitator, he was quiet good and also sang the Jailhouse Rock from Elvis. We all had a lot of fun. The evening ended with a nice fire work.

5. The rest of my time I spent blogging and and the usual household duties. I must get very strong with the age because I broke the knife while cutting an omelet.


diane b said...

That must have been a strong omelet. You look like you enjoyed the beach. It is unusual for it to be so hot in Europe. We heard that even Scandinavia is having a heatwave.

Maribeth said...

I love the pictures in this post. The beach looks so inviting. Oh, yum! Crepes!!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Belgian National Day -- I learn something new every day. Your beach day sounds like so much fun!

Enjoy your weekend.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week. How wonderful to go and spend a day sitting by the ocean, especially on a hot day.

Nice that you were able to help your friend as well.

claudie said...

I have to say we break all knifes at home too! They are made in China!!
Sounds you have good good time! So many activities! Summer is great for that! And your beach looks nice too!

Loree said...

You are too funny - you had a fight with your major 30 years ago and he fell on the floor? That's hilarious.

Melli said...

Or the knives get very weak with age... I've broken a few myself! LOL!

Looks like it was a beautiful day at the beach!

Amanda Moore said...

90 in very hot weather for the beach isn't that hot weather for your part of the world not just on the beach? The pic of you and your friend is very cute by the way!

Willow said...

I smiled and laughed all through your faves. Fighting for a chair? LOL! I love farmers markets; I'd love to see the one in Waterloo. Have a great weekend!

TorAa said...

What so ever, please give me the names of the pretty young ladies at photo #3 please.
They seems to be waiting for some nice servings from a real gentleman.

Service s'il vous plait!

btw. Great to be back again visiting your blog. Everything is Ok here, but
face facts with new grandson and family living abroad. The second child of mine now living out of just a Car-Tour away. Besides also visit my Daughters new Family and their estates in Anatolia - it takes time and some effort as well.

have a great weekend.

PS. Felicia and Rosa are doing very well as Hunters. I promise! That's another story

momma24 said...

Love the list and the pictures. We had temperatures in the 106* range last week! lol We stayed indoors quite a lot. :-D

Susanne said...

The beach would have been so nice on a day like that especially with those big umbrellas! I think we are getting all your rain. It's been very weird weather here.

I had no idea Belgium had a national day to celebrate.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Hey there hot beach babe! *giggles*

Truly: I love that beach photo of you two, the umbrellas looks so great in the background of you lovelies!

It sounds like you've had the same weather as we - only place to survive has been at the Sea.

So, how is weather NOW? We have rainy and windy as hell!!!!