25 Jul 2010


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I decided to take a little break from the Weekly Winners during summer and join Summer Stock Sunday. As soon as the summer is over I will be back.

Last week I and my friend went to the Belgian coast again. We have decided that each time when it will be very hot we will spent the day at the beach where at least there is some air. Inside the country when it is above 30°C (89 F) it's very sticky. We only have 1 1/2 h drive and we are there.

These are the famous Cuistax which you can rent only at the Belgian Coast, I haven't seen them anywhere else in Europe

Holland is just around the corner

It's so nice to walk through the dunes

the beach is very long and has a lot of space, therefore you still can find places where you are not sitting one on the other ! Especially when you take your own material alsong, such as an ombrella a beach chair and a pic nic.

As you can see we were very well equipped !

On this side of the Belgian coast (towards France) the buildings along the beach are not too high, only 5 to 6 floors. In other parts they are far higher and the coastline is very ugly.

Mr. Beach Watcher had not a lot of work, the water was still quiet cold !

People played all kind of beach games

a helicopter watched over us

and in the evening some thunderstorm clouds came up, but by then we had left.


mariposa said...

Beautiful beach and great shots of the place as well.

I'm trying to save Fun Monday and just posted themes 'til end of August. I am inviting you to join Fun Monday again. See you!

Mimi said...

Lovely beach, so long and not at all crowded.
I like your plan to go to the beach when it's too hot to be inland!
And those cars to rent? well I'd just love them!

Tinsie said...

Not the prettiest coastline, but there's lots of sand, and I love the photo of you and your parasol! How was the water?

A Lady's Life said...

It's So nice to be able to see people spending time and doing the same things on similar beaches and yet so far away in other parts of the world.
How wonderful. And You look GREAT!!!!

Robin said...

What a great series - perfect for Summer Stock Gattina :).g

I can't get over how uncrowded your beach is - we were at the Tel Aviv beach this afternoon and just finding a few square centimeters to put your blanket can be a challenge! Our water was quite warm though, almost like being in the bath (well, except for the waves, which were quite strong today).

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Dimple said...

The beach is a great place to spend a hot, sticky afternoon. How wonderful that it wasn't crowded!