30 Jul 2010


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1. I can't say that it was my Fave 5 when during the night of Friday/Saturday suddenly a tree decided to just die and collapse. It fell over a fence and a little house which contains the electrical central for our area. Fortunately there were only a few tiles damaged and the fence.
My friend Dominique was lucky that it didn't fall on her house.

I woke up because I thought there were youngsters with motor bikes which made such a loud noise. When I came over the firemen had arrived and they were making this awful noise with their motor saws. Of course Mr. G (red bathrobe) and a few other neighbors had to watch the event.

As this little wood belongs to the city the next day very early they already came to clean the street. If it would have been private you could wait for some days ! So everthing ended good and we had some thrilling moments in our cimetary like street.

2. As the "summer sales" are still going on until the end of the month, there are now sales on sales and you can get up to 70 % reduction ! Imagine what a benefit is on everything ! However I didn't find anything suitable besides a nice beach bed for my pic nics at the Belgian coast. The next "sales" are winter sales and will be on January 2nd.

3. I took a little chat sunbath with Ilona on her patio, to try out our new beach seats.

4. On wednesday I spent the whole afternoon with my son's godmother and friend, who lives in Charleroi, about 60 km from Waterloo. We hadn't seen each other for at least 5 years although we stayed in contact by phone or mail. It was a wonderful afternoon and we had a lot to chat and catching up on all kind of events in our mutual lives. She lives in a beautiful house and allowed me to take a few pictures, however she didn't want me to take a photo of her.

There is a pond with quiet big fat fishes in the corner of her living room, this looks really very pretty.

5. I met my friend Jacqueline for lunch in a Thai restaurant. The decoration is very beautiful

Inside a golden Buddah

and outside this one is greeting you. The food too is delicious. I go quiet often there. The owner is a Belgian who has married a girl from Thailand. Good combination ! the restaurant is always full.


Mama Zen said...

I love the Buddhas!

Jientje said...

Good food, good company ... looks like a great week. It's a good thing that tree did not do any more damage though!
You're right, I haven't been blogging as much lately because for a while there the world evolved around my mother and my worries about her health. It's great that we can finally put this behind us now. It's been a very scary month of July for me!
Have a great weekend Gattina!

Melissa said...

Lovely photos! I like the fish pond, too!

So glad the tree falling didn't cause more problems.

Susanne said...

Thank goodness the tree didn't hurt anyone.

Those sales sound like quite the thing. Who wouldn't be happy to have a sale on a sale. Sounds great to me! :v)

Brenda said...

I love Thai food too and eat it whenever I get the chance.

How fun to have a fish pond in a living room. I'm sure it makes the house relaxing.

Laura said...

That fish pond is so neat! Your pictures are beautiful.

Sales on sales? That sounds GREAT!

Have a great weekend.

Willow said...

You had a great week! I love Thai food too. Mmmmmm...
Isn't it crazy when a tree just 'falls down'?

Cathie said...

The pictures of the restaurant statues are pretty. I like Thai food. What an interesting place to live! It's good that the tree was cleaned up quickly, and not too much damage and no one was hurt. Have a good week.