26 Jul 2010


"The muffed target" has no special rules. Just post pictures which are not at all like you had wanted and describe how it happened. Then leave a link here on my blog for other participants.

When I discovered this photo on my computer I wonder how this could happen ? Do I see the world in black and show my dark soul unintentionally as good old psy Freud would analyse ? It only can be the dark inside of the wallet in which I keep my little camera.

Walking barefoot on the beach is good I read, but I didn't really want to take a picture of the sand.

Meanwhile I should have learned not to take a picture of flashlights ! The firemen came at 11.30 pm because a tree had fallen across the tree. Fortunately the other pictures are better ! But that's for tomorrow.


Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you to let me join " The muffed target "
I agree with you, some time we just have fun with unwanted photo. But most of my unwanted photos was from the moving target.
Some times, I quiet like it because it shows movement !

Pamela said...

Your first photo reminds me of my cell phone

Sometimes my pants are too tight and when I pull my phone out I've taken A LOT of those shots.

I ended up doing Fun Monday today --
I should have done both of them. I have six grand kids this w/e. I'm Muffed.

Faye said...

At least you were smart enough to figure out that your "go to black" photo was the inside of your wallet! I'm concerned about the fire engines and fallen trees though. Have you been though another bad storm?

Oh, and since Fun Monday is coming back and the topic today is friendship, could you say "hello" to one of my favorite 4-legged friends-Arthur! :-)

Loree said...

I still really like the sand picture. You can see the sand sparkle in it and that's a great effect.

Mariposa said...

Interesting...I should try to find time for this next time!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, I get black spots like that at times too. I put it down to cats! That photo of the sand is too good to be a muffed target...it's really beautiful. As for the lights...shows all the action!