3 Jul 2010


With Gattina & Shakira.

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In our house everything runs with electricity, except myself and the cats. So If there is a breakdown, nothing works anymore. This happened one day this week.

I was reading Blogs early morning, when suddenly the screen turned black with a little "click" sound. I called Mr. G, who hurried like a snail (mornings are hard) to the basement to check if it was our main fuse or a general breakdown in the whole street.

The fuse was OK and so he called our Electricity supplier with his mobile as the normal telephone didn't work, of course. I wonder how we did before when that happened.

They told him it would be fixed at the latest at 11 am. It was 9. I thought I just reorganize my day and instead of blogging I would cooking for the evening.

Armed with a flashlight, I went to the basement to pick up cans of chili beans and a jar of Chili sauce. I opened the cans and the jar and the freshly minced meat, put a pan on the electric stove and turned it on.

Of course it didn't work, I had forgotten that I was cooking instead of blogging, because we had no electricity !

Now all the stuff was sitting there and suddenly I realized that I had run out of oil. No problem I thought, I will call Mr. G. who was taking his coffee with friends in the city.

I looked for my mobile, but it wasn't on the kitchen table, it wasn't in my room either, I couldn't use the phone and call to find it, because the phone didn't work. I got more and more furious about myself and decided to check room by room from top to bottom because with me you never know. I looked under the beds, and wardrobes, in the bath tube and in the fridge, and with the flashlight I went again to the basement and checked all corners.


I went up again and started to think logical, which doesn't happen so often. Where had I been in the last 30 min ? Like Colombo, Sherlock and Miss Marple together, I was following the traces of my misteriously disappeared mobile.

Suddenly all lights went on, after only an hour. Relieved I took the phone and called my mobile number. It rang just besides me in the kitchen. I followed the sound and found it in my purse, the only place where I hadn't looked.

I called Mr. G. for the oil. I told him to buy any oil but NO olive oil.

He came back with a 1 liter bottle of Olive oil.

Fortunately the Chili beans even with Olive oil were good !

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Anonymous said...

OMG I was just rolling with this. How funny. I can so see you being the detective looking for your phone and worse yet you start to cook LOL Too funny. Okay I have a question. What does Mr. G run on Gas? LOL Have a great weekend :)

Gledwood said...

I called Mr. G. for the oil. I told him to buy any oil but NO olive oil.

He came back with a 1 liter bottle of Olive oil.

Gattina, darling ~ what else do you expect from a man??

Especially an Italian man. He must have olive oil on the brain.

What did he get you? Extra Virgin? Or pomace?

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

So really....how did you cook anything without electricity? That was so funny a story Gattina. You two are the best. But I must say, a typical male thing...you tell 'em one thing and they do just the opposite...y'know.

I really enjoyed this. Made me laugh hardily.

I have a question tho...are you now hosting Weekend Funnies? If so, I must remember to change the link from Shakira's to YOUR blog.

My 'Ninja' Turtle

Maribeth said...

Oh this is too funny. You made me laugh out loud! I have done that too. Lost my cell.
Hubby is actually good about buying what I tell him. He knows I will take it back if it is not correct.
One time I asked him to buy white flour. He came home with wheat flour! Now I cannot make gravy with that!
I marched back to the grocery shop and I was standing there telling the clerk about my "stupid husband" and the lady next to me laughed! It was my neighbor! Oh I am afraid I got very red in the face!

diane said...

You are hillarious. I can just see you hunting for the phone. We are always forgetting where we put things. This memory thing is not funny its a bother but i like your attitude.

Pamela said...

I have a regular wall phone that still works when the electricity blacks out. The other 3 phones in the family room and bedroom do not-- as they are cordless - and the unit is plugged into an outlet.

I use my home phone just like you do. To call my cell to see where I left it.

Sometimes in my jeans. Washed an old cell phone that way once. ouch.

Pamela said...

I was curious as to the oil - bean combo.
How do you cook that?

Lindsay said...

LOL! What a funny story!

maryt/theteach said...

Just want to comment, Gattina. A very funny story! We have 98 degrees F here and will have for the next few days let's hope our electricity hangs in there!

Bing (PinkLady) said...

you are too funny. we all do have days like this, don't we? i am surprised that you still managed to make that dish perfect. that's our gattina. ;) i love the way you make light of things in your everyday life. have a happy weekend!

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

Hahahaha...poor you...
I think the trick is never say BUT..
I think they only hear OLIVE OIL not the BUT..LOL
Happens to kids.
You have been such an angel hosting the funnies. love you!