2 Jul 2010


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1. This week we had wonderful weather, always sunshine and around 30°C (86 F) which is rather seldom for Belgium. So I did what a lot of people do when it's hot, they rush to the seaside to get some fresh breath.

The school holidays hadn't started yet, so the beaches were quiet empty. Today it will probably be impossible to even get a place to stand up, which is only a little exaggerated.
We had a wonderful day, but the water was too cold for swimming.

2. Since last October I didn't go in my Fitness Club anymore, I wasn't happy with the aquagym and in general fed up. So I had been looking for something else and a friend took me with her

to her Aquagym place and I had a free trial lesson. Not only the place is wonderful, a beautiful house with a very big garden and a big swimming pool with the view on it. The "teacher" is a very nice young woman, so I was happy to agree for a start in September after the school holidays.

3. Yesterday I went to my son's best friend to see his new born little son. When I arrived he cried like 10 cats together, but once in my arms he fell asleep. His mum called him a traitor !
While we were chatting Baby stuff and other female subjects between women, daddy played with the 4 year old sister in the swimming pool.

4. In order not to be locked inside for once that the weather is nice, I created a little office on the patio. Against the bright light I invented a screen, using the tent of cat Arthur. It works very well.


I also had to go to the doctor for a prescription of antibiotics, because I have an ulceration (?) on my upper gum and that hurts, I tell you ! I have the impression to look like a pug !


diane said...

Five lovely stories. I see you are paracticing for when your grand baby comes. It looks nice and sunny and warm for a change. Savour it. It is cold here today 16* C

Maribeth said...

What a genius you are with that tent for the computer screen! That is Puuuurrrfect!
And you look very natural holding a baby. Getting ready to become an Oma!

Brenda said...

Good job on using that cat tent to shield your computer! Its hard to use the computer outside because of the glare, but you solved the problem.

Nice you found another gym to work out in, that is so important.

Lindsay said...

Great idea with the cat tent! That baby looks so comfy with you :) have a very blessed week!

The Tablescaper said...

Great stories. Love the computer tent!

Hope to see you Sunday at "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to YOU!

- The Tablescaper

Pamela said...

You probably held him cuddled and secure... good grandma style snuggles!!

Susanne said...

Aren't you clever using the little tent for your computer outside! You should patent that and sell it! LOL.

It sounds beautiful and hot, I'd be heading for a beach too if I could.