28 Jun 2010


Since 2008 I have participated in Fun Monday each week. Now it seems it has died.

It was a very nice meme and I really enjoyed in participating, but lately it became hard and harder to find a host for the next Monday.

I raked my brain to find something else for a Monday which could be a nice theme or meme and had an idea (not a dream)

Each Monday post a picture which is completely crazy, messed up, with nothing on etc, which normally you would immediately delete. It can be everything, like only shoes instead of the whole person, a blurred building or whatever you want. Then tell us the little story how it happened and what it should have been.

I created this little logo

Like here. I wanted to do a close up of the beautiful mosaic tiles and apparently pushed on the button when I bent down. All I got were the legs and shoes of my travel group.

Next week I put a link thing here and hope that there will be a lot of participants ! It's always good to laugh on a monday.


Thom said...

The problem with Fun Monday was keeping up as to who was hosting. That was my big problem with it. This one sounds fun Madame Chat but I'm going to be honest with you. I participate in Three other Monday meme's already and my quiz. That's for posts. One of my Tuesday ones belongs on Monday but i just have to many that I'm doing on Monday already and people start complaining that there are too many posts. Any chance of switching the days to like Tuesday or Wednesday? Those are my least posted days actually. If you can't I will understand and I do hope you understand where I'm coming from. :

diane said...

That should be easy I have lots of muffed shots.

diane said...

I'll miss your funny stories.

Maribeth said...

I am back home!

Faye said...

I'll always have a fondness for Fun Monday bloggers because they were such an interesting blogging community--we're all so different but interested in each others stories. For myself I plan to just post about things that "curl my tail". :-) I'll continue to check in with fav bloggers. Must keep up with Arthur and his antics for sure!

SKIZO said...



Pamela said...

I may join you next week...
a muffed shot should be an easy one ha ha ha

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh I stopped with Fun Monday months ago, it was getting to the point that it was all the same thing over and over. A different host, but then the 'new' host would have us look for something that was done before. I guess I did it too long to not notice this. Besides, like Thom said above, some weeks it was way too difficult to find just WHO WAS hosting!

This looks like it will be a fun idea Gattina. I can see why you wanted a photo of the tiles.

My Tuesday Post

Mar said...

Do you ever rest?

Pamela said...

you should host it every week - so there won't be any question!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Hi Gattina. I have played along. This is the first meme I've done in a very long time.... just not time to play, yet couldn't pass this one up. LOL. Thanks for hosting the fun.