9 Jul 2010


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1. The most important news I got this week were from my son, calling me to tell that I will be grandma of a little boy !

Now I can start to look around for blue ! They haven't decided yet on the name. He will be a real little European, with a Dutch mother, a German/Italian father and German/Italian grandparents living in Belgium and Dutch grandparents living in Holland ! That's the future !

2. I read that Elton John gives a concert in Brussels on December 1st ! As soon as the booking line was open, I booked 3 places for me and two friends

Last time he was in Brussels was in 1986 when we went to his concert ! I love his music so much. By the time I had booked and only after an hour most of the tickets were sold !

3. For those who have weeds or grass growing on their patio between the tiles, I got a very nice, cheap and efficient remedy idea from my friend Ilona.

just put salt in the cracks ! I swear no grass or other plants can grow there anymore, which avoids you to have to pull them out. So I salted all the cracks. Next year we will have repaired it.

4. Thursday was our last painting group lesson before the holidays. Unfortunately we have off until September as if we were students ! But we all are on holidays the whole year, these summer holidays are

not very much appreciated because we anyway prefer to stay home and leave the places to parents with children.

5. Last but not least I celebrated my 67 years yesterday !

It was a real nice birthday. First I went with my friends to a Vietnamese Restaurant where we had a wonderful meal outside in the garden. After lunch we went to my house where we had coffee and ice cream on the terrace and chatted the whole afternoon !

I also got lots of presents, a little vase in turquoise, a "Hello Kitty" mouse for my computer, this adorable little basket with a baby cat and its teddy, a beautiful collar which normally twinkles and the cute little cat.

And its not finished yet, because on Saturday my son and DIL arrive for another celebration, birthday and little boy's coming in November !


Anonymous said...

Congrats Grannie. How great that is. Sounds like you had a great birthday. I'm glad. Ooo tickets to Elton. Can I be your friend? Have fun. :$

Mar said...

A seet baby boy, how exciting!!
Sir Elton is a fave of mine too.

You know how to enjoy a birthday, such nice pictures of your celebration. Love the Hello K*tty mouse! Happy weekend :)

Mar said...

That should have been... a sweet baby boy, sorry about that.

claudie said...

Happy birthday, Gattina!!!I see you fested it so well yesterday and had good time!
And congratulation for the marvelous event!!! Must be something to be grandmother!!! A big big joy!
And nice for you to see Elton John in concert! Must be something!
My post is up! I just post it now! Vive les vacances!

diane said...

You have been having a busy time. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Roll on November.

Jo said...

Wonderful news about the expected baby boy. Happy birthday for yesterday Gattina. I love all the cat toys! Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

The Chair Speaks said...

Happy Birthday Gattina. May you have many happy, healthy years to come.

nannykim said...

congrats on the up and coming grand and thanks for the salt tip--going out to do it now!

Jerralea said...

Happy birthday! Dinner out and an afternoon with friends sound great.

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-born grandson! How exciting!

alady'slife said...

Wonderful news about a precious baby boy.
Elton John made every one cry at Diana's funeral. He really made it special.

Mama Zen said...

Happy Birthday!

Pamela said...

awww... happy birthday dear Gattina!

congratulations on the future grandson

DianeCA said...

Happy belated birthday, it looks like a very nice party and a good gang to celebrate with, and what a good way to celebrate too Elton John tickets and news of a grandson! Wow!!!

Susanne said...

Happy birthday to you, Gattina! Sounds like you had a day full of blessings.

A grandbaby boy! How exciting for you. That is quite a heritage he will have.

Thanks for the salt tip!

Maribeth said...

A grandson and a hello kitty mouse! Yay! Once again, Happy Birthday!