16 Feb 2010

MY WORLD - Snow in Waterloo

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My world is still in black and white, this winter seems to never end ! It's not a lot of snow but still enough to cover everything with this white boring blanket.

Our house sits in the snow and when I look out of the window I only see grey and white. If at least the sun was shining then it would look a little better.

Our garden where the only one who enjoys the snow is our cat Kim.

There is never a lot of traffic in our street, therefore the city thinks it is not worthwhile to put some salt and we have the honor to use our cars as sleighs.

One street farer they had put salt and now it looks dirty. Since weeks my only foot apparel are thick black snow boots.

The parc in Waterloo, untouched looks quiete nice even in grey weather. The little nude statue has now a white coat.

On a Monday morning the streets are always empty since the boutiques are closed and only supermarkets open their doors. But still there were not a lot of people shopping at Carrefour.

The highways and other streets are slippery so that I am forced to stay home or not going very far. I feel like prison break !


  1. These are wonderful pictures. It looks cold thought I must say.

  2. Great shots, Gattina! But like Thom, I have to agree that it does look cold! Have a great week and maybe a little warmer weather????


  3. Yes, I'd be going stir crazy having to stay inside for too long.

    Give me sun and heat and leave the white stuff to the snow bunnies!

  4. Gattina, your world looks cold but the photos are beautiful. Why do your boutiques not open on Mondays? In South Africa, many restaurants are closed on Mondays to clean up, restock and take a rest, I think! I love Kim in the snow. I've not done a MWT post today - instead wished my husband on blogger for his birthday. I will do one tomorrow for MWT. Keep warm and keep motivated. Soon it will be spring. (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

  5. wow. so white and so different from my tropical world. thanks for sharing your world.

  6. I think the snow looks pretty even though it may be a bit of a nuisance.

  7. ....and more snow! I so dislike that white stuff. LOL

    Great collages Gattina.

    10 ALBUM COVERS = =scroll below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails meme to find my Ruby Tuesday.

    Have a great day!!

  8. It still looks pretty to me but i can understand you being fed up with it. I am sick of the heat and tropical rain.

  9. It is the same here Gattina though we are enjoying a splash of sunlight right now.

  10. We were supposed to get snow today and yet here it is 10 AM and no snow! I am so disappointed for Jack, as he wants to ski and needs more snow on the mountain!

  11. Have a great day Gattina!

  12. I know! I know! Is it NEVER going to END??? I am as sick of winter as it is possible to be sick of ANYthing! But I am back in the blog world! I had a nice rest and am ready to join the daily trip around the world again! :) Thank you for stopping by while I was gone...


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