14 Feb 2010


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I slowly get claustrophobia because the weather is so bad, that it is hard to put one foot out if it is not absolutely necessary. It's wet, cold, windy and the streets slippery. For photo hunting not an ideal weather.

Therefore when my cat Arthur started to eat chocolate cookies, I realized that I have to go out at least to the pet shop and buy some food. It was also an occasion to take some pictures inside the shop because outside it was snow raining. The perfect weather to catch a cold.

That's why I found my weekly winners in this shop

First I saw goldfishes, but too big for Arthur

Then I stopped to chat with these ladies, they collected food and money for these dogs who had been badly mistreated by unscrupulous owners who used them for dog races. All these dogs came from Spain and could be safed in the last minute.

I looked for a while at the fishes, apparently they are good for your nerves, that's why dentists often have acquariums in their waiting rooms.

This guy gave me a suspicious look

Before starting to buy my cat food I looked at these little critters

I am sure Arthur would have loved that I buy some of these cute mice to play with and then eat them. His argument would be that I would safe cat food.

I loved the long hanging ears of this little rapid

Arthur would have loved birds too, but catching birds is strictly forbidden also sometimes it happens that he doesn't respect the rules.

The parrot looked a little lonely and didn't talk. I tried to chat with him but he wasn't in the mood, so I bought what I had to buy, loaded my car and drove home where at least it was warm.

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wenn said...

thanks for your wishes. cute pictures! Happy Valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

LOL...that fish looking at you. Hysterical. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family. Great photos :)

claudie said...

You did a great report at the "animalerie"! No doubt Arthur would love the mice and the bird as toy!!!
Yesterday night we were in a irish pub with rock en roll music! Now i am so busy with home and preparations. Day and night we are in action! i' ll tell you when I will finish my report about the museum Balaguier on my blog but for the instance je vole quelques minutes sur internet!!!

Maribeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your beautiful Kitties!!!

Tara R. said...

Ha! I never thought of a pet store as fast food for my cat... too funny.

Happy Valentine's Day and best wishes for some warm weather.

eastcoastlife said...

It's snowing at your place!? Wow. I would like that in Singapore, it's too hot here.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Maude Lynn said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jo said...

Oh what a bitter-sweet/funny-sad post, Gattina. I have read about those racing hounds in Spain. I could cry for the animals of the world and the way humans repay them for their loyalty. I have a post on Khartoum Cats today, if you're interested.

Puss-in-Boots said...

That fish sure did have a suspicious look on its face, Gattina. What did you say to it? Those poor doggies...I'm glad they were saved. I loathe animal cruelty, there's no need for it at all. But I won't go on about on your blog...I'll save the ranting for mine...heheh.

I've seen on TV how much snow there has been both in Europe and America. Brrrrr, I'm so glad it doesn't snow here.

Colleen said...

What a great place for a photo shoot. The fish pictures are wonderful!

Amber Star said...

Thank you so much for stopping by to comment on our snow storm. We love snow here in Texas, because it usually does not last long at all. It snows and goes away the next day...not so much this year. The snow would have been perfect if it hadn't been so wet and heavy. That caused some branches from the trees to break.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day to you sweet Gattina.

Jientje said...

What a great idea to take your camera to the pet shop, this is a great series! I'm getting sick and tired of this weather too, I want to see the sun and go out!! I hope you had a great Valentine Gattina!