15 Feb 2010


little Mouse our host this and next week wants to know :

For February 15th, please tell about something nice someone has done for you, or an act of kindness you witnessed a loved one perform, without being asked. It can be lately, or years ago, but something that touched your heart, and that you remember for that reason. Feel free to tell several stories if you wish, but remember, this is not YOUR RAK, it’s one that was performed for you or in your presence.

So many nice things have been done to me during my life that it would fill a one mile long post which nobody would read !

What I admire most for the moment are these men and women in Brussels and other towns who go out every night during this very unusual cold period (til - 12 °C (32 F) and take care of the homeless and forgotten once who try to protect themselves from the cold around the station or other wind protected corners.

There would be enough room in shelters for them at least over night when it is the coldest, but they just refuse, they don't want to leave the street. Dog shelters have offered to house the dogs which are very often the only companions of these poor men and women, sometimes they let the dog sleep in shelters while they are sleeping outside.

There is also the red Cross of course who helps with medication, blankets and hot food but still there are the once who do it out from their heart. It's probably thanks to them that now the homeless are allowed to stay at least in the entrance of the station where it is a little warm. The city of course doesn't want to show them, it's rather a shame and not a very good image of a city in our rich world. Of course most of them are drinkers, but honnestly leading such a life would make anybody drink. Often very touching and tragic stories are behind these men and women who lost everything because they never had luck in their lives.


  1. I'm sorta torn on the homeless. I don't know if it's luck, or lack thereof, with all of them that got them in that position or not. Sometimes I think it's pure laziness on a lot of them. They get use to being homeless and don't want to leave that lifestyle. But there again there are many people that don't want to help them and shun them. Great post :)

  2. Thought-provoking topic...
    Thanks for sharing n taking part in FM.

  3. I know that many homeless prefer to 'fend for themselves', but I also know that there is a lot of mental illness involved and the mortality rate is high.
    It is a difficult situation, but I agree that those who put aside their own comfort in order to bring a little warmth and comfort to others are very noble and selfless.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. For me, it has been all the kind smiles and gentle voices encouraging me all through my life. I have been blessed to have been sent these Angels on Earth that showed me kindness and love, even when they did not know my name.

  5. We just have had a bout of killing cold here (in Florida!), and on the first night, the shelter was full. Blankets were donated for them to sleep on on the concrete pad out back while there was another shelter two blocks away with 50 empty beds! That shelter is one that attempts to get people back on their feet and they have strict guidelines about who can come and what is (and isn't) tolerated. AFter the first bad night, they bent their rules and allowed people to come in to sleep. You can bet that the citizens of my city were VERY upset about their reluctance to open their doors to those poor, freezing souls.

  6. We are all of Gods chilren and the homeless people all have a story to tell I'm sure. Most of them are suffering from mental illness and really dont want to be in a place where there are rules like the homeless shelters. My heart goes out to them..every city has people living on the streets. Just to give clothes,food and a blanket goes a long way with this people.Thank goodness there are kind souls who look out for them.

  7. Sorry the random acts of kindness term threw you. Can't wait to hear from you next week. I agree that people that take the time to go and help the homeless are special people. It's very hard in a rich world to understand their plight. Thanks for playing!

  8. I would have to say that I am so touched by my daughter's kindness to the many homeless cats that roam through her apartment complex.
    She hides dishes of cat food and fresh water in various places such as behind shrubs and etc. She has to hide the food because of the landlord.
    She buys so much cat food that she really can't afford but does it happily because of her love for all the cats.


  9. There was an article in our local paper about the homeless who refused to shelter when the weather turns so bad. Sadly many of them are military veterans who are so damaged by what they encountered in the war. A group called the Good Samaritans make the rounds at night and offer extra covers, hot drinks and food so they can make it through the night. Sometimes I worry about losing my home through some unforseen financial disaster. I would not have the courage to live on the streets.

  10. Thanks goodness for people who look out for the homeless, especially on these cold winter nights. I thank my God every day for the blessing of a warm home!

  11. It is true there are those who simply refuse to come off the street - even when warmth and shelter are offered. I think mostly it is a fear of giving up some sense of privacy ... there is always a catch with a shelter, of having to sign in and give information about one's self. I think truly that keeps many of them out. It is wonderful that there are people in the world who are willing to go OUT on a cold night and take some hot coffee and a sandwich or a cup of hot soup to these people. Someone to provide an extra blanket for some warmth. I think if I had money that was of no matter how I spent it, I would take a bunch of those hand warmers and foot warmers -- you know - the ones you crack and they put off heat. People take them to sporting events in winter. I would distribute THEM to the street people!


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