16 Nov 2009

FUN MONDAY - Old things on holidays

Our host Ari 1965 wants to know :

What is the oldest possession in your house or flat? Describe it or show us a picture. Where did it come from? Why do you hang on to it?

I have to change a little this challenge, as for the moment my home is in an appartment in a hotel, in Egypt at the red sea. I tried to find some old or even very old things, but unfortunately I haven't taken pictures of our flat yet. There are certainly some old things like our sofa which has to be newly covered, so they had taken the matress out and we can't use it, but we have 2 beautiful new armchairs. There are also some damaged furniture which look from pharaons times, the fault is not the Hotel, but the Russian tourists who broke everything and housed in there like wild people in a cavern.

Now the Hotel refuses most of them, because they had broken and stolen so many things like toilet covers, towel hangers, faucets, cuttlery, plates, cups not to talk about beach towels. One russian "lady" had taken only 20 towels to take them home. They probably think because they have"All included" the furniture is included too. Their country is still very poor for most of them and things which are so normal to us are still hard to get.

But the staff of the hotel is so adorable and friendly they help wherever they can, so that quite a lot of people come here every year and some retired once even 3 or 4 times.

So here are some photos

The Diving club is old but so colorful, maybe not the modernest one, but divers like it.

and old advertisement which I found so cute

rusty anchors

and here is our new sofa just being covered. It will be beautiful I am sure.


  1. What a shame people steal things but a you say, they come from a poor country and those things we take for granted are just wonders for them.

    The photos look so inviting...I wish I was there.

    It sounds like you're having a great time in Egypt...keep it up.


  2. "but the Russian tourists who broke everything and housed in there like wild people in a cavern" ROFLMAO...If I have said it once I'm going to say it again...you just slay me. LOL. Too bad they are like that. Wonderful photos my friend :)

  3. Thta's a shame that people just steal and break things. Egypt looks gorgeous though.

  4. Great photos and well thought of as you are away in Egypt enjoying your time. It is a shame that people take so many things but I can understand why it happens. It's not fair for others though.

  5. Excellent, very colorful photos! [Actually I really like the old anchors...they'd look awesome in our house. LOLOL]

  6. Great photos. What fun you must be having out there. The old ad is cute!

  7. Hi Gattina--glad you're still enjoying your Red Sea holiday. Good job with finding a subject for Fun Monday even though you are on the road. That's what I love so much about Fun Monday--the challenge of writing a post regardless of the topic. Makes us better writers--we hope!

  8. Gattina, you found some very interesting old items while on vacation. Its a shame about so many tourist stealing..makes it bad for the honest people. Looks like your having a wonderful time.

  9. It is SUCH a shame that people come and behave that way! WHAT are they thinking!? It's very hard for well mannered people to understand this sort of thing... I know we have Americans - rich or poor - who behave like this too... but thankfully the MOST of us are NOT like that! Nor probably are MOST Russians... but a few will give the lot a bad name!

    That Dive Center is cute! Very cheerful!

  10. why travel if they're so poor? stay home and buy your own towels. Ha! I do know the severity of the poverty there, though, as our church supports a missionary that takes over eyeglasses, musical instruments and so forth for a home there.

  11. Ooh, I wish that man could come here and reupholster my loveseat. It really needs refurbishing. Thank you so much for posting from Egypt.

  12. I love the aqua benches. They really stand out.

    A real shame about the Russians. I don't understand why people would do that.

    How fun, you get to see your new couch's bones!

  13. I'm thinking those anchors are probably pretty old.
    (shaking my head at tourists who are so rude. The worst thing I've taken in a hotel room is a nap.)

  14. Shame about the poorly behaved guests.

  15. That's terrible that people steal so much.
    You still managed to find some old items to keep us entertained. Enjoy your holiday.


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