19 Nov 2009

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - Egypt Hotel adventures

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13 surprising things happening in our hotel

Our Hotel unfortunately had made a contract with a Russian travel agency, not thinking that these people couldn't leave their country for decades and have no education at all. Of course not all of them but certainly 80 %. They had to line up to get the simplest things and also had not much to eat. That's why they think when they payed for "all inclusive" all is inclusive.

Hurghada is a very cheap tourist place for sea, sun and good food we only payed 950 € for 2 weeks, flight and half board included. That's why Russia discovered Egypt because it is affordable. Yesterday I met two Canadian couples, and we have a little group of friends from Germany, Sweden and Finland too.

1. At the beginning we wondered that there were no coffee spoons until we were informed that the Russian tourists took them with them to furnish their home in Russia.

2. One day there are no cups, one day there are no saucers

3. They permanently run out of dishes, they are stolen and the Hotel can't follow with ordering new once

4. Napkins are a seldom luxury because the once in fabric disappear immediately and packets of paper napkins are taken away for other purposes

5.. If you don't arrive early in the restaurant, you will never find a knife, fork or spoon. They land misteriously in some pockets.

6. You will find twice salt in the holder or twice pepper but seldom pepper and salt. It must be the same for them

7. Glases have various forms. Or they are so big that they look like a bucket or so small like a mustard glass

8. Tea bags you only get on request, because when they were laying on the table they disappeared too. They probably think that as they payed for "All inclusive" they can take them home.

9. Be careful when you line up at the buffet, because they overrun you and push you aside to shuffle food on their plates. It doesn't matter what it is, fish, chicken, meat spaghettis, potatoes rice all together on one plate.

10. Beach beds can brake down under you due to the weight of a big Russian guy who used it before

11. Toilet paper, is something rare and only available on request. I don't know what they do with it

12. As they are not used to a toilet with a water container and flush, they pulled the whole cover out and broke it in the entrance hall restrooms.

13. Of course I first complained about this leak of service in a 4 * hotel, but when I heard that they can't buy quickly enough new plates and cuttlery because they disappear permanently , or repair broken things, I rather pittied them and laughed and told them that at least it's not boring here.

Since then we get first class service as soon as we show up, have own cuttlery, plates, tea bags big smiles and waiters dancing around us ! First class service and I have something to write for my blog !

and last but not least sunshine warm weather, palm trees and the blue sea !

Our "home sweet home" ! We prepare a drink in our (unused) kitchen ! We got a new sofa !


  1. Let's hear it for big mouth's. LOL. first class service when ya use them. The thievery over there amazes me. Great photos :)

  2. Can't believe how people interpret "all inclusive" sometimes....
    Glad you never let negative issues spoil your vacation!

  3. Those Russians should stay at home until they learn some manners. But it looks like you're having a blast.

  4. Your good attitude worked out to your advantage.....I can't even imagine stealing dishes from the hotel like that. So crazy!

    Happy Thursday!

  5. Those bad Russians..shame on them..Glad you can overlook and still enjoy!

  6. You know the saying, "The squeaky wheel always gets the grease". It means that if you are heard you will get taken care of first!
    Good for you!!!

  7. WOW! Egypt IS cheap! That will be my FIRST excursion out of the country I think! LOL! I don't know though... the Russians are starting to scare me away! :)

  8. That's just crazy! Bring your own cutlery if you want to eat. LOL
    Happy T13!

  9. Wow, what a crazy mess. Maybe they need to do like the banks here do with pens, and chain the silver and plates to the tables. ~ Calico Contemplations

  10. That is very funny about the Russians pilfering everything. "You can dress them up but you cannot take them out (of the country)"

    Are they the new Roma. I thought the Roma were notorious for being light fingered.


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