9 Aug 2009


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I had to go to the German embassy for a new passport and I was really very upset when I saw what had been done to this part of Brussels in the 70th.

When I moved to Brussels exactly 50 years ago, the whole area had these beautiful old houses, some of them were even historical. But a politician decided to have it all destroyed (the once the government could pay off the owners) and built glass boxes instead.

In this district are located all embassies and representatives from all countries.

The British embassy

and the German one.

There are also most of the government buildings and the European Union. I couldn't take a lot of pictures, because the heavily armed guards looked at me with suspicious eyes, they probably thought I was a spion disguised as a respectful old lady, working for Ben Laden if he still sits in his mountains.

Fortunately they was one spot, they hadn't touched, a little parc and the church !


Anonymous said...

Progress my friend. Progress. I'm glad they saved a portion of the grounds. Aloha :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I hate it when I see beautiful old buildings destroyed for soulless concrete jungles. Fortunately, our government has seen sense and if the building is rebuilt for safety reasons, for instance, as well as modernisation, they incorporate as much of the old building as possible, which is nice. Thus we don't lose our beautiful old structures with so much character but instead they are made safer and modernised to blend in with the older designs. It's pretty successful, too.

diane said...

I agree the old buildings have much more character. I think today architects are trying to put back some style into buildings. Some are still ugly though.
Nice to see pics of that area of Brussels. How is the saga of getting a new birth certificate going?

Dr.John said...

I just love your tours.
Those were great pictures.

Melli said...

They should never be allowed to tear down beautiful old buildings! UPDATE and air-condition - YES! Tear down? NO! But they do... yes... they do. It's so sad! That little park is lovely though - and the old church!

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina, I think it is a sin to tear down beautiful structured old buildings and create a concrete jungle.. But i must say if there derelict then they must go .