8 Aug 2009


Since he is retired Mr. G took over the hard job of emptying the mail box which gives him a good reason to grump the whole morning about the only mail we get .... invoices !

Since we had our snail invasion not so long ago I had put a snail killer product in the letter box because I didn't like half eaten invoices. Mr. G on the other hand was convinced that if he leaves some useless advertisings on the bottom of the box, the snails would make the difference and only eat the advertisings and not the invoices anymore.


Yesterday he missed a cheque which should have come by snail mail already a month ago. He called the sender, who confirmed that the cheque was sent end June ! Even snail mail doesn't take more then a month except for postcards. For an unknown reason, Mr. G thought about checking the mail box again and what did he find ? the cheque !!! well conserved and not eaten up by our pets the snails ! It was under the advertising papers he had left to feed the snails, but my anti snail mission had worked and had killed them all.

Fortunately ! it was a cheque of 500 € which is a little more than dollars ! I am sure that my snails would have loved to eat such an expensive meal and it was laying there at their disposal for more then a months !

Mr. G was very angry about himself, I told him to dig better in the letterbox and laughed and laughed before I ran to the phone to report this story to my friends !

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Anonymous said...

LOL...so typical of a woman having to spread the word LOL. Glad the check was found :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Of course, you're going to tell everyone. That's too good to resist!

Glad the snails didn't eat the cheque, though. Maybe they didn't like the taste of the ink.

Jientje said...

LOL, and now the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS!!!!! HA!

Gledwood said...

As American schoolgirls would say: eew.

You have proper mailboxes in Belgium?... and not horrible security-risk letterboxes in the front door like we do here? Wow.

Hootin' Anni said...

Too funny. I love this....AND! I love your cows lowing over on your photo blog too. Yep, the LOW.

have a great weekend Gattina.

Pamela said...

tooo funny.

I didn't realize the snails were so voracious.