15 Aug 2009


Since 3 years I spent a week with my friends living in Eastbourne at the coast, not very far from London.

The first day we went visiting her daughter and I took the opportunity to see the street where our son lived for ten years and where he still has his house.

I got a bit nostalgic when I thought how many times I went down this street !

The grandchildren had 5 rapids, that was also an event. They started with two thinking it was two females, now there is the result. Three babies found another home !

We had a nice tea time all sitting in the garden and then the next neighbour gave us these delicious plate of Algerian biscuits over the fence.

The promenade along the sea in Eastbourne is just lovely

lots of seagulls are shouting at the people and are angry when you don't give food. They can be quite some aggressif and would take your sandwich out of your hand, just like that.

A couple of "Bobbies" were enjoying the promenade too !

People could rent a beach chair or just sat on the little wall.
There were not many people on the beach or in the water, for that it was not warm enough.

The next day they took me to the country side and nobody really can deny it !

We stopped for lunch in a Pub "Golden Gallon" near Alfriston a lovely little town where the time stood still.

They served traditional English food and I had chicken pie with chips and peas. The portion was enormous in comparison to what we get in Belgium.

We ate outside and the view was gorgious

The village of Alfriston, so romantic !

In Eastbourne the annual Air show has started which will last until sunday. I had never seen such an event so I took the bus to Eastbourne, to have a look.

There were so many people from all over who watched the airplanes and the atmosphere was absolutely great. Everybody talked to everybody and I really had a lot of fun. Today we will go for a pic nic to "Beachy Head" above the sea and watch the airshow from there. Of course I will show you pictures too.

Waiting for the airplanes.


diane said...

OOOh it looks lovely there. The streets are so romantic and the houses!!!
Glad you enjoyed the air show.
I can see you are having "Adventures before Dementia"

claudie said...

In one of the picture i saw exotic plant near the beach. it looks like sort of palms. I am very suprise because I didn't taught it was possible to have such plants in England because the weather.
Can't wait to see your airplanes pictures!

Gledwood said...

Gattina I can smell the fresh sea air.

Don't forget to get some Angel Delight while you're still there ...!

Do you like fish and chips?

I once saw a documentary about a house swap between London and Brussels families. You should have seen the Belgians' face when they tried huge battered fish plus enormous chips. "It's a bit stodgy" they said diplomatically ..!

PS come see my hedgehogs!!

Maribeth said...

Looks wonderful. All of it! The food, the locations, the ocean! Wonderful fun!
All but the rabbits. I would be miserable with my allergies if I even sat in the same area with them.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and what a vacation you are having. I love the photo of you my friend. It's so happy looking...did the bobbies have to chase ya away for not behaving? LOL. Love this post :)

Dr.John said...

You do take great vacations. I love those English buildings.
When I worked on the ore boats we had a cook that hated seagulls . He used to soak a sandwich in Tabasco sauce and hold them out for them to take, He would laugh like crazy when they plunged to the lake trying to get some water to kill the heat. I thought he was mean but perhaps not.

Tinsie said...

Great photos, and it looks as if you had some lovely weather too :-)

Lil Mouse said...

fun monday if you want to play http://lilmouse.blogsite.org/2009/08/14/fun-monday-scars/

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I love these Victorian piers. I visited one years ago in Wales. I wonder how many are left.

Melli said...

It is just beautiful... I know you really have had a wonderful time!