2 Aug 2009


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As the weather was nice, I thought to make a little tour through the most expensive places to live outside Brussels.

Obviously not a poor farmer but rather the kind of Gentleman farmer

to have a lake just in front of your house is not bad either

and also some restaurants around the lake

I will never understand why fishing is called a sport (??) This would rather suit my lazy husband, but without the fishing rod, he could never kill a fish

One of the houses

with a little bridge leading to it

and in the garden a bunch of ducks


Anonymous said...

Well you neighborhood is wonderful. LOL Great photos. I like to fish a great deal but we take our boat out...maybe that's why it's called a sport. You never know if you are going to be rocking and rolling outta the boat so it's a sport just to try and stay in it :)

The Good Witch said...

what a perfect lovely neighborhood!!fantastic landscape..

Alice said...

Glad there were no 'For Sale' signs. I'd hate to know they were for sale and I couldn't afford them.....but I love looking at them. Thanks, Gattina.

Jo said...

Lovely tour Gattina;) I can also only afford to look. I've added myself as a follower to your lovely blog. (((Hugs))) Jo (A fellow cat/animal lover)

claudie said...

what a beautiful place to live! If I was a Lady!!! Hoping the fishing was productiv for the fisher!

Dr.John said...

I really love your little tours.
Is that how your rich live?
We don't have water but we do get geese and sandcranes in back of the house.

Tinsie said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. I totally agree about fishing - I can't imagine anything more boring or less sporty.

Melli said...

Would Mr. Gattino's angst about killing a fish be due to compassion for the fish - or dislike of dirty hands? :)

I find all of these spots to be "Melli friendly"!