2 May 2009


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I have been sitting peacefully behind my computer it was early morning and I was busy reading some posts when suddenly the silence was interrupted by a loud scream and then some Italian swears.

I jumped in the air and wondered what catastrophe had happened and looked out of the window and that's what I saw !


Apparently an alcoholic dog had torn the plastic bag into thousand pieces, because inside were empty beer cans or cat food. It was the metal and plastic day garbadge !


Mr. Dog had really done a good job !

Mr. Gattino without drinking his cup of coffee put his (Ferrari) bathrobe on and hurried on the street


despaired he took a closer look on this street artwork


and then collected the whole rubbish and put it in a new bag


I was so busy to take pictures of this event, that my neighbor's daughter came out and helped him at least with moral support because she had a bad back !


Chari said...

Hello Gattina...

I came over from Kelli's to see your Friday "Show and Tell"..to find this funny post!!! Ooops or maybe I should not laugh but I did think that your Mr. Gattino was quite the sight out in his ferrari robe...picking up the garbage!!! These are "once in a lifetime" photos...I loved seeing them!!! So sorry that the dog made such a mess of the garbage though!

I did read your "Show & Tell" post...and I love your 3 cats!!! They're darling!!!

Thank you so much for sharing Mr. Gattino's ferrari robe and your 3 cats with all of us...
Warmest wishes,

Puss-in-Boots said...

It must be hilarious in your household with Mr Gattino and his Italian swearing...I'd love to hear it sometime. However, I can't blame him for being upset with the mess, I would been too. #@*%*@* dog!

Vlado&Toni said...

poor mr. gattino :D well at least he was a good sport and wasn't upset that you just took pictures of him instead of helping him

diane said...

Love the Ferrari bath robe. he is a good sport to let you post his photos and yes it did give me a Saturday smile.

Mar said...

Oh, poor Mr Gattino! but he looks very fashionable wearing his red Ferrari bathrobe! Hope he could have his cup of coffee without disturbances after that.

Lightening said...

LOL. Great pics. Darn dog though! *sigh*

Maribeth said...

Yes, Gattina, this sure made me smile! I love Mr. Gattino in his robe! And where was my Arthur? Asleep I bet!

Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! I can not BELIEVE you stood there taking pictures and did not go HELP Mr. Gattino! Poooooor Mr. Gattino... in his snazzy red robe!