28 Apr 2009

MY WORLD - Brussels Midi Market

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To my world also belongs my sunday walks to the Midi Market at the Brussels main station. Usually I only go there when the sun is shining. But this time I had to go in typical Belgian rainy weather. The UK is famous for its rainy weather, but Belgium is not better. For each sunny day we are extremely grateful ! This market is one of the biggest in Europe and has around 400 stands.

So here we are walking the the rain !

You have to lift the covers if you want to see the clothes to buy

This gentleman has something interesting in his nose

Bad weather or not, armed with ombrellas people do their shopping
Need some underwear ?
or roasted chicken wings, legs and other pieces


The famous Belgian wafles

Household appliances


flowers and plants

lots of fruits and vegetables


Morrocan clothes called Djellaba, very nice to wear at home when it is hot.

Roasted chicken

Enough to chase any vampire away,


and if after that you are tired you can rest here with a good Belgian beer


Clara said...

Even in the rain, it's an amazing market. One I'd love to visit. I love the picture of the green underwear. Very funny. And something for everyone. It looks like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Babooshka said...

400 stalls. I am so envious. I miss markets, the smells, the flavours, the colours. Marvellous.

Wolynski said...

Looks like a great market. Is it cheaper than regular stores?

diane said...

I'd love to stroll around that wonderful market but on a fine day. You must be keen to go when it is raining. It is nice of you to show us around your (wet) world.

The Explorer said...

I had fun reading your notes and looking on the photos. Thanks for a short walk in the market. By the way? I am trying to find where the stand selling Belgian chocolates? c",)

Jientje said...

I've never been to that market, but I love markets. We visit one every other day while we are on holiday in Provence. I think it's nicer with sunshine though!

soulbrush said...

what a rainy day, like yesterday in london.

Regina said...

Nice tour of the market.

A Lady's Life said...

I always love going to such markets. Here we have a cloverdale flea market that is similar. They have everything. You never know what you will find both old and/or new.

Dora said...

It's like our pasam malam in SG!

marites1034 said...

cute green underwears all lined up for choosing :D such a huge market and am sure, there'd be some good buys there. The rain kinda dampen the atmosphere.

Erin said...

i just love markets and needless to say one of the reasons i love to travel to italy :)
yours is quite a place...enjoyed seeing all the wonderful items...especially the chicken...YUMMY.
have a great rest of the week.

WNC Mountain Living said...

Looks like a fun market. We visited France years ago and enjoyed a market like that. My husband is a chef so he likes to see what the local foods are. We have a few Farmer's markets in our area that are fun to visit.

claudie said...

Sounds a beautiful market! We have here many many proven├žal markets but one is vey nice in Sanary sur mer! Perhaps I'll do a post about one day but vacation will soon come at end and Sanary market takes place only on wednesday!!!
Love djelaba! they are very comfortable!

SandyCarlson said...

The rain doesn't keep these shoppers away!

Melli said...

I would like to relax here with a Belgian wine! I'm telling you Gattina - I have thought of you and Belgium more times on this road trip than I ever thought imaginable! I'm sure there is a little piece of Belgium in this midwest! Rain rain rain....