21 Mar 2009

SMILEY SATURDAY - Oiling a spider net ?

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If you have a retired partner in your way around you probably know that his "To Do" list is very long and there is mostly no time for the little things you may ask.

Our garage door's ressort is rusty. Although he sees it every day he must think that a ressort is always rusty and that it is it's normal color. So I had to draw his attention to the fact that the ressort is rusty and needs a cleaning up and some oil to protect it otherwise it could break and he could get the garage door on his head.

This fact probably convinced him to add this task to his empty To Do List, and armed with an an oil spray but not an anti rust product, he attacked the ressort. Unfortunately a poor spider had spun a wonderful net between the resort and the wall which Mr. Gattino also oiled thoroughly. I don't know if the spider was happy about it, because since then it's laying motionless on the floor.

I told Mr. Gattino that it really wasn't necessary (but very kind of him) to also have taken care of the spider net but instead of oiling it, it would have been easier to take it away. When I wanted to take a picture of an oiled spider net because such an event doesn't happen every day, he had destroyed it ! But moving the spider corpse away was not on his To Do List and the ressort still looks quite rusty !


I think I have to file a complaint.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Now whatever did that spider do to deserve a fate like that? By the way, sorry about the garage door. Rust is not really a good look, is it? Clashes with the decor,hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Pierre isn't retired but his vision can be very strengh sometimes too!
La visite des vikings cet été l'a réveillé, on dirait! Il veut terminer la terrace qu'il avait commencé il y a sept ans!

Melli said...

I think the problem MIGHT be in WHO is composing Mr. Gattino's TO DO list! Or in other words, his "to do" list needs to be replaced by the "honey do" list!

Jientje said...

Picturing you running behind Mr Gattino with your camera, looking for "blog stuff" makes me snort!! This IS "blog stuff", no doubt about that!

Dr.John said...

Where does one go to file spousal complaints?

Anonymous said...

LOL - MEN!!!!

Happy Smiley Saturday! (sorry I'm late)

Anonymous said...

So now he advanced from just being retired to a murderer too? Oh, my ;-)

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Oh, this one would have deserved a blow up !
(Thanks for your visit, Gattina).