17 Mar 2009

MY WORLD - Waterloo city center

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My world was rather grey and dull yesterday. On Mondays most of the little shops are closed in Waterloo, because they were open on saturdays. Employees have the right of a weekend and when they have to work on saturdays they recuperate on mondays. Except of course for big shops and Shopping centers.

Our city hall was sitting there freezing under a grey sky

No people around

The entrance of the "New Gallery"



Where the boutiques were also closed of course

The look of the old movie theatre hasn't changed much from outside, but inside it is very modern
One forlone person on the main street in front of the "Wellington Gallery" which exists already for quite a long time.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Don't shops without people look forlorn? They always look so lonely to me.

Unknown said...

Your world is very charming, even with the gray skies and empty parking lots.

Walker said...

I think it look nostalgic from the ourside especially with it being overcast.
I like window shopping without a sea of people bouncing off of me.

Anonymous said...

I always love when you share some of your city with us!! It's fun to 'walk' around with you into your shops, boutiques, and theaters like that. Thanks for sharing.

It's hot here. And sunny. We had fog this morning, but now you wouldn't know it. It's like summertime. Well, almost.

Dr.John said...

Over here they never close in the malls. I like your system better.

Melli said...

I commented here yesterday... WHERE did it go? Blogger drives me nuts sometimes...

I said...

This is a beautiful mall -- I don't think I could afford to shop there! It "looks" upscale -- I liked it back in the "good old days" when everything was closed on Sundays and people just relaxed!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the visit in the center of waterloo! Sounds I was there! It's the same here! All is closed on monday but not the supermarkets!