20 Oct 2008


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She says : I would like you to take your camera on a day tour with your. I want to know where you go, what you get up to on a "normal" day.

I don't know if my days are normal, but here is the way I usually spent my days.
I get up in the morning of course, which I suppose is also normal. Less normal is maybe the fact that I am a very early bird. I wake up between 5 and 6 am and then nothing helds me in my bed, I have my head full of ideas for my blogs or for photos, so I get up. Usually everybody thinks that I am crazy, now that I could sleep the whole day I get up that early what I have never done before. It all started 2 1/2 years ago. Why ? No idea but I feel very well and don't go to bed that early, always between 10 and 11 pm.

Unfortunately I can't show you a picture of me sliding out of bed not to disturb two of my cats who always keep me company ! But as soon as I am standing, they suddenly come back to life and the first thing I do is

put water in the coffee machine and feed the cats !!

Armed with my cup of coffee, I then sit down here and look through the window of the world, my computer.

Sometimes during the morning I remember that a bed looks better when it's done, especially because I am spending the whole day in this room

To make my bed I have to lift up Arthur and move him around which doesn't bother him at all. He continues to sleep as in the above picture.

Around 11 I think I have to do something for my health and go swimming in my fitness club.

I also make a tour through the town center or do some shopping, but not every day.

Thursdays is my most busy day, in the morning I have my painting group and in the evening I go to Yoga. (the painting is of my cat Rosie)

Now for the meals. No breakfast only coffee and orange juice for Mr. Gattino and me. Lunch is a sandwich he prepares for himself and I do the same for me. Around 6 pm I shut down my computer and we watch a little crime story on TV. Then I think about preparing supper ! After that TV again until we go to bed.

Of course my "normal" days are interrupted by phone calls or visitors. With all that blogging I don't forget real life and summer days are also different.


The Good Witch said...

Art classes are always fun and creative.

Mine is lot similar to yours...except for the fact I go to bed at 9 p.m and get up at 10.a.m most of the time....and don't have cats but I have my fish- Desdimona. She's very shy and aloof, not in a bad way, just more composed.She is the smallest being in my house.
I swim 3 times a week and shopping and watching movies(sometimes 7-8 movies a day!)and lots of reading..celeb gossip...and mom cooks for me.

This is all till I start working next month in a different country...then it's going to be really different & depressing....

MaR said...

You are such an early bird! it was fun following you through your day, but I need a medium breakfast, lol! I'm usually alone for lunch so I make a big salad with whatever I can find in the fridge!. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a Pilates class with a Russian female instructor, jawohl! Mondays and Thursdays is morning coffee with the girls at a café in the village. Mondays from 5-6pm I have French with Béatrice, who is very patient with her adult "students". I should go for walks daily but I don't seem to find the motivation...
Have a wonderful and fun Monday!

MaR said...

PS: other than the above you can surely find me in front of my computer!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm an early bird, too, Gattina. Up between 4 and 5 am, sometimes a little later, but not often. Like you, make coffee and feed the cats. Then four hours of work on my computer, but stop for breakfast of fruit, cereal and yoghurt for 30 minutes during that time. After I've done my four hours of work, then I play...post on my blog, read what others have posted, look at ebay, check my bank balance, etc. Then I have a coffee with Ken around 11 am and have a chat with him and Jane. Lunch is a sandwich or something light. Afternoons I go visiting my daughters or do my shopping and other things that need to be done at the mall. If I don't have to go out, then sometimes I have a nana nap or do some gardening.

Then back to do a couple of hours of work editing, dinner at around 7 pm after watching the news, then watch my favourite programmes on TV, bed around 10, read for a while, sleep then the whole cycle starts again the next day.

Hootin' Anni said...

Well, I did just now try to add a comment on Sarah's blog about the fact that you had finished a Fun Monday and added your link in the comment...but, I'm not sure it's going to show up either...I clicked submit comment, but nothing showed up. I waited a while, and refreshed the page, ---still noting. Maybe it's on her side of the blog, something is wrong somewhere. I tried!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Now I went back and read your blog entry. I too get up around 4 a.m. or 5...anything after 6 a.m. is getting late in the day. And I go to bed after the news at 10:30PM.


Anonymous said...

A nice planning! And a lot of fun! Enfin ça c'est le planning lorsque tu n'es pas en voyage!!! Chanceuse!

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that you are so busy, even in retirement! Must keep you young!

Anonymous said...

Mine would have a lot of "let dog out, let dog in, let dog out, let dog in" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Amazing that all the bloggers I've visited so far start their day with feeding the pets.
They(whoever they are)say that people with pets are healthier...I would like to think more normal and smarter, too.

Wow. That pool looks like something out of a Greek Odyssey.

Isn't it amazing how busy we are in our retirement? How did I ever get anything done while I was working?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting day to me. I was just thinking about you and thought to myself, "It's been a long time since I've visited Gattina" so I decided to do it this morning.
Have a good day - I should say night as it is not morning there.

Melli said...

LOL! This would have been a fun Fun Monday to do... if I had known about it ahead of time to get shots together. I might do it just as a thing to do one day anyway! However... I am NOT an early riser by nature - although I WAS for many many years! When the children were small I always woke up between 4 & 5:00 am so that I could have a little time to my own thoughts before they got up - and Krysti was a very early riser - often up by 5:30! Now, if ALLOWED to sleep until I wake up it is usually somewhere between 6 & 8:00 am - but I have been known in recent years to EVEN sleep until 9 or 10!!! (not often though!) After I'm up there is absolutely NO schedule built into my day. Unless we have Drs. appointments or some other scheduled something, we do things as we get a mind to! (though we do usually have supper around 7:00 pm)

Faye said...

Gattina, I agree that early risers are fortunate. Even when working I always loved the days I woke early--like a gift. Your cats are beautiful and how cute those three tails are stretched out at the breakfast buffet. What a lovely place you have to keep fit. And, where would we be as we age without yoga or pilates? I'm so grateful for my pilates class--got to keep that core strong!

This week I'm being a bit lazy for Fun Monday by pointing readers to "On to Amsterdam", my most recent post from European tour. I give an account of a "normal" travel day from London to Amsterdam and the sights along the way. Many will be familiar to you, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in with Fun Monday - I'm really sorry you couldn't comment on my blog. I'm not sure why as I couldn't find you in the spam filters!

I love your lack of a "normal" day and your cats just look so snuggly. Boxer (my cat) is currently taking up my hubby's lap!