21 Oct 2008


Ruby Red is here

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Jamaica puzzled by theft of beach

A good beach is seen as a valuable asset to hotels in Jamaica. Police in Jamaica are investigating the suspected theft of hundreds of tons of sand from a beach on the island's north coast.
It was discovered in July that 500 truck-loads had been removed outside a planned resort at Coral Spring beach. Sand traffic ! that's something new !

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White van tran's £20.000 compensation

A TRANSSEXUAL truck driver who claimed she was forced out of her job for dressing as a woman has won £20,000 ($ 34.300, 26.000 €) in compensation. Former soldier Michael Gaynor, 38 — now Vikki-Marie — started wearing make-up, women’s clothes and jewellery to work in February 2007. An employment tribunal heard that she quit her job soon after as bosses started cancelling her shifts and colleagues cruelly mocked her. Honnestly heshe was more handsome as a man, but maybe the masterpiece is not yet completed and needs some more hormonal shots. Must be difficult not to know who you are !

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THIS horse is certainly having a night-MARE.

Jason Harschbarger heard his horse making noises on the hill above his home and found horse Gracie a bit tied-up. The filly had to be cut free with a chainsaw after getting her head stuck in a TREE. I wonder if she expected to find some special grass in there ?? The poor thing !

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THE diary and work tools of Britain’s last HANGMAN are to be sold off at auction.

Harry Allen kept a grim but detailed log of prisoners who went to the gallows at jails in London, Manchester and Leeds. His journal recorded his victims’ age, weight and height — and listed the exact length of rope required to ensure a swift, efficient death.He even commented on the success of his work and praise he received.

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One of those executed by Allen was Arthur Osborne, found guilty of the murder of a 70-year-old man in 1948 and hanged in Leeds on his birthday. Allen wrote in his ledger: “Very good job but not expected to be so. Was hung on his 28th birthday. “Got highly complimented on the speed of the job.” Isn't that a lovely man ?? the perfect husband I would say ! He must be very romantic especially during Halloween.

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Oueen had a Google giggle

THE Queen stunned IT staff yesterday by giggling at the video of a laughing child as they gave her a tour of Google’s headquarters. The clip of a tot with an infectious laugh was shown to Her Majesty as an example of video-sharing site YouTube – bought by the search engine two years ago. The Queen, who was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, called the youngster a “lovely little thing”. Compared to this event, the world wide financial crisis is just a little drop in the sea ! THE Queen has giggled with Google !

And last but not least : I lost my camera on sunday in the Ardennes. I have looked everywhere but it's gone. The worst are the pictures I had taken from a roman site there which was so beautiful.

After the first shock, I had a very good idea ! Mr. Gattino and son wanted to offer me a new camera for Christmas a Sony Cyber-shot T300 as I felt in love with it. I had bought the camera in Germany a month ago, because it was cheaper there and Mr. Gattino had put it away. So I told my men that I need my camera NOW and not for Christmas otherwise I would get a nervous breakdown immediately. Guess what happened ?

Here is my new one !

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It's small and handy and has a touch screen. I like small cameras, then I can take pictures secretly just like a paparazzi ! (attention !)


Puss-in-Boots said...

I hope you find your camera, Gattina. As you say, it's loosing the photos you've taken. The camera can be replaced...the memories can't.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Transsexuals know who they are, they are just dismayed they have the wrong sexual body.

I love your camera. Someday, I may be able to purchase a better one.

I feel for the tree hugger horse. The running of a chainsaw near her head must have incresed it's distress.

Melli said...

But the IMPORTANT thing about THE Queen was that she had JUST the right hat to visit Google and giggle! I WANT that hat!!!

That pooooor HORSE! That is worse (much worse) than Winnie-the-Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's door hole!

Hootin' Anni said...

Gattina....I've done some research on AKISMET...I have had NO problems with commenting at all, like you have. So far. But, I looked it up, and if you use Firefox browser there is a way to block it...And on my blog I have NO spam protection. It's a waste of time anyway, I think. All you have to do is log on and then go in and delete the comments that are done as spam.

Hootin' Anni said...

ps...AKISMET is a wordpress blogger plugin.

The Good Witch said...

Oh-MY-GOD! I know I shouldn't be laughing... but,that horse is so silly ......:)))

Michael Gaynor-whether you're gay, lesbian, bi or trans,people have no right to discriminate against gay people or to try to take away their rights, they should live their lives normally just as straight people..

I love that new camera.

MaR said...

So sorry you misplaced your camera!! maybe it is hiding in a secret pocket in your purse.
The new one looks great, I am only surprised it isn't orange!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gattina...I finally get here to look at your ruby Tuesday and here I am standing looking down the barrow of a red Sony cyber shot camera! A RUBY RED one!!
All of our cameras are Sony cyber shots.
Four years ago after Betty talked us into a computer[mind it took her two years to talk us into it], she finally talked her sister into buying a digital camera.
"No!", I said, " I am satisfied with my 35 mil thank you" Well didn't she go and give Bernie her first digital camera?
A 2.2 mega pix zero zoom cyber shot?
Of course, after using it, we fell in love with it and now we have five, different sizes and zooms.
Paparazzi is great and so easy is it to be paparazzi with a little cyber shot Sony Gattina.
Sorry about your other camera though.
I feel bad that you lost the pictures.
Cameras can be replaced but moments snapped in pictures cannot be. Maybe some honest soul will find it and send it back to you!

Ha!!! I love your picture. Your white cat in the centre of a Halloween picture instead of a BLACK one!!!!

It is almost seven in the morning here. I got up to write you this comment before Dad Golden who phones me every morning at seven wakes me up! As you can see from the sound of things, I am still half asleep!
Take care now...............Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Nice cam. I always wanted to have one. :((