14 Sept 2008


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This weekend the farmers of the wallon part of Belgium together with the city of Waterloo organized a feast to show and sell their products. The farmers are not happy at all because the margin between of what they earn and we as consumers pay is far too large. If they get 5 € for example, we the consumers have to pay 20 € which of course is far to high. The only happy once are those in the middle who earn quite a lot ! Everybody agreed with the farmers of course and bought products right from them.

There also were farm animals for the children, because city children don't have many occasions to see farm animals.

some cows

some garden decoration

fun for children

those who watched for order

Despite the fact that it rained (again) cats and dogs, there were quite a lot of people present. The feast took place in the parc of Waterloo.

Some tried to walk high up !

and the horse waited for clients

garden decoration

Barbecue and drinks

The cows were quite surprised to have so much human company

art craft

and a lot of other things. More animal pictures are here. I posted them for "Camera Critters" on my photo blog.


Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like a fun event. Nice place for the whole family. I love the garden decorations/displays.

Vlado&Toni said...

That looks very nice, however those garden furnitures might not be a besteller because it has become too cold now with autumn coming too early.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! The donkeys made me think about how Braden keeps making donkey sounds lately. LOL

Hey, you put your main blog URL into the Mr. Linky... in the future, please put the direct link to you WW post into the Mr. Linky, rather than the link to your main website. We need to be able to click that link anytime in the future and come right to a Weekly Winners post.

But thank you for always playing! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictorial essay, as usual, Gattina!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really cool event!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I need to get out more to events like that. Makes for some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of a fun day :) The walking high one made me shudder though~I'm SO scared of heights, LOL!

Karin said...

Great selection of pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! I would like to be there because I really love animals and nature! I am ok with the farmers! The best is to buy to the producter when it is possible! You see now I have decided to buy my vegetables and fruits at the market at a producter stand because often when I buy one at the supermarket I can't eat the fruit because it isn't ready still to be eaten! Oui, souvent les fruits sont pas encore murs! immangeables et très chers! Love your green nature! Grass is still brown by us!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I really wish that one could buy directly from the farmers all the time. Something is really wrong in this world today with all the stuff in between. Crazy.

This sounded like a really good event and something to take after for many!

Texasholly said...

What a fun day! What a neat place.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Lovely - looks like it was a great day!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great show even if it did rain, hope you had a fun day!!

Great photo, nice and bright and colorful! :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was a wonderful day.

Lisa Cobler said...

Great photo's. Looks like fun.

Melli said...

Life is always better when you cut out the middle man! The farmers should do this every week!