16 Sept 2008


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Taxi drivers 'have brain sat-nav' (GPS)

The knowledge: London cabbies are famous for knowing their way around
Scientists have uncovered evidence for an inbuilt "sat-nav" system in the brains of London taxi drivers. They used magnetic scanners to explore the brain activity of taxi drivers as they navigated their way through a virtual simulation of London's streets. Different brain regions were activated as they considered route options, spotted familiar landmarks or thought about their customers. I am jalous ! I have to use a normal GPS, I have none implanted in my brain. There is a void instead.

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Earthworms to aid soil clean-up

Scientists have discovered how metal-munching earthworms can help plants to clean up contaminated soils. Earthworms could be the future "21st Century eco-warriors", scientists suggested at the British Association Science Festival in Liverpool. Wow ! I didn't know that ! From today on I will cherrish these adorable creatures and forbid my cats to play with them !

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MOST footie mums, or “soccer moms” stick to a uniform of baggy tracksuits and trainers to cheer on their nippers from the sideline. But I bet Brooklyn’s coaches didn’t mind when VICTORIA BECKHAM showed up in her highest heels with her best designer handbag and a fetching microdress. She knows how to dress for any circomstances !

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As Queen plans to visit Google

THE QUEEN will pay a visit to search engine giant Google next month. Her Majesty — who regularly emails grandkids William and Harry — has become obsessed with surfing the web and recently demanded a complete overhaul of her own Buckingham Palace website. Since October last year, the Queen has posted regular messages on the video-sharing website — but she only learned how to use a PC a few years ago. I have strong hopes that she will be a fellow blogger soon. Wait until she comments here !

Pub truck gives Queen 2k lagers

TWELVE barrels of lager (beer) were mistakenly delivered to the Queen — instead of a PUB called the Windsor Castle. Royal staff were baffled when a lorry carrying 2,000 pints turned up at the real Windsor Castle. Flunkies found no record of the order. Instead Pub boss confirmed he was waiting for the beer before the England v. Croatia game. A castle spokesman said: “It was very funny. But there’s no way the Queen sits down in the evening with a pint.” If he knew ! now the Queen has to buy her beer herself in a shop wearing dark glasses and a scarf !

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USA: Sarah Palin dolls a hit

Dolls as Sarah Palin, the fellow republican candidate of John McCain, sell like hot cakes on Internet. She is a hit, confirms Emil Vicale the owner of Herobuilders.com who makes historical or political figures since 2002. The body is made in China but the head is made and paint in the US. The doll costs 30 $ and sells far better then Barack Obama or John McCain. I wonder why the body was made in China ? I mean it's logical that the head was made in the US probably by republicans. Anyway I assure you the head is empty inside.


The Good Witch said...

very interesting!& informative.I like Victoria's dress.tks.

Tracey9AD said...

If i had Victoria's body and money, i would dress like that too. But, alas, i will have to stick to jeans and maybe a sweater.

Junebug said...

Aw, Gattina, her doll head may be empty but I think Palin's head is not. I even believe Bush has something in his head! :D

Anonymous said...

Empty head- Takes one to know one