13 Sep 2008


SHOW ME .... your selfportrait is here

Last saturday I wanted to visit the castle of Beersel not far from my home to make some pictures. I knew where it was, but as usual didn't know the way. I asked Miss GPS who always directs me with her friendly voice and so far I always arrived at destination.

At the beginning we had some misunderstandings because I mixed up left with right and she had to correct me with an offended "Recalculation", but at the end I arrived although a little later as foreseen. But know I thought we are used to each other.

I left my home and turned left and right as she told me and I pinched myself mentally in the left and right arm just to be sure not to mix it up. Suddenly I had to stop because there was a deviation. Miss GPS "recalculated" and I drove and drove and suddenly I was in the middle of nowhere, left and right fields and I with my car in the middle of a little way which was more for farmer's tractors then for my beloved little car. No soul around. I assured myself, telling me that I still have my mobile in case of ....

The only person I met was this one

looking at me with a suspicious eye, when I got out of the car to take a picture.

Driving slowly in my shaking car, suddenly I saw houses and a normal street and a little further down my castle ! I assure you I really was relieved !

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The pictures I took there you can find here on my
Countries & Cities blog


Eppie said...

Nice pictures. You are lucky you live nearby a real castle!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Are you still arguing with your GPS, Gattina? How hilarious. I'm very happy that you eventually found your castle, though. Just think of the fight if you'd ended up somewhere in Holland, say. Goodness me!

Vlado&Toni said...

Fancy company in the middle of nowhere.. at least you've had an interesting day and arrived in your destination including a short trip in the middle of nowhere ;)

claudie said...

Marvelous castle! ça valait le coup de se perdre un peu!
ça fait un moment que je n'ai plus vu de vaches! ça me manque!
Je reviendrai dès que possible voir ton blog Countries and Cities car là je fais un peu le tour de tout le monde et je fonce au lit pour être en forme demain!

Lifecruiser said...

You get around on a lot of sightseeing with that GPS. *giggles*

Yes,it really is a marvelous castle!