8 Sept 2008


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Woodland Mamma, seams to be a very romantic woman because she loves to read love stories ! She asks : Write the beginning of an unusual love story (not a real one). I only want the first paragraph. You can add an illustration or a picture to spice it up if you are really daring.

Here is mine :

The Queen stand there, her crown hanging on one ear, her eyes swollen and the nose red. The king red in his face throw his crown after the young girl standing in front of him and shouted " go away, you are not my daughter anymore, go and marry this good-for nothing ! "

The princess ran out of the castle, her long white dress waving behind her. From far she saw the man she loved ! She ran and ran and breathless throw herself into his muscular arms. He kissed her pationately. He was a tall dark haired man with deep blue eyes and very handsome.

Leaving her lips, he put his head on hers and whispered : Did you leave them ? "Yes" she sobbed ! I left everything for you, my parents, my castle, my title, I love you so much !
He looked at her with wide open eyes and pushed her away : "are you crazy ? I wanted the castle, the title and your money, what did you think ?? .... /to be continued

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The castle
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The parents

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Happy times

Do you think there will be a happy end ?


Junebug said...

Oh, Gattina! That was wonderful. The cartoon with the king and queen was a perfect touch!

Lanny said...

Oh it must, it will have a happy ending! I forsee a knee to the groin and an upper cut to the jaw and a large appology to her parents, then his brother comes along.... sorry your story! I look forward to your end! But with such cute parents she can't be dense can she? Hope your weather is getting better before winter sets in!

Anonymous said...

Perfect! the story, the cartoons and who knows. My first marriage didn't have a happy ending, but this second one, I really did get a prince charming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, of course...don't you know? All fairy tales end like this: "And they lived happily ever-after."

Cute story and love the cartoons.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my god, oh my god....this is just too good Gattina!!!!

You crack me up.

Yes, this was, in a word, a HOOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Earing this, the princess became hungry and without a word went away to meet Merlin who was living in the forest behind the castle. She was hoping Merlin would cook a magical recipe to change the character of this beautiful man, who was every night in her dreams! Finally if the solution was in a magical recipe, why doesn't try it???!!!!
Why do complicate if I can do simple, she thought!

IamwhoIam said...

So she goes to college and gets her master in economics and saves the failing kingdom?

Jan said...

Great one!!!

Unknown said...

If she pushes his face in the mud and runs back home to mum and dad then there will be a happy ending. :)

Mary said...


What a story and the way it is in real life many times. I enjoyed it and look forward to the ending.

Thank you for commenting on my party line post. Yes, we were lucky to have a phone back then. One month cost just over $3.00 a month. Now our phone bills are over $60 a month. What a difference.