9 Sep 2008


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Zara is upping her horsepower

TOP horsewoman Zara Phillips (daughter of Prince Anne) climbs into the saddle of a mini-motorbike — just like her grandfather Prince Philip. The 27-year-old royal, in jodhpurs and a riding hat, took some time out during the Burghley Horse Trials . The Duke of Edinburgh, 60 years her senior, has been seen zooming around on a similar bike during previous horse events.
No wonder that Philip needs a motorbike now to run after young women, he is approaching the 90 th !

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Cows milk the benefits

FLUFFY fingered farmers are pampering their dairy cows with massages and comfy mattresses to produce better tasting milk. Some spoilt herds are being tucked up each night on three inches of soft rubber and sawdust while some are lucky enough to get a WATER bed. Ah ! isn't that nice to see happy cows ? we probably will be less happy with the milk price !

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This is a real wind farm

WINDY cows are having bright red tanks strapped to them to check the gases they let off — in a bid to beat global warming. The farm animals burp and parp vast quantities of methane — one of the most potent greenhouse gases — due to their slow digestive system. I suggest to do the same with us humans especially on crowded streets, maybe we can safe our planet this way ?

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Bear busts drugs farm

A BLACK bear has raided a secret marijuana farm so many times it has chased the growers away. Utah cops found food containers ripped apart and cans with bear teeth and claw marks strewn across the abandoned camp.This bear is definitely law-enforcement minded, said the County Sherif. I am sure he will get a medal, that's some dissuasive assistant !

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Tearaway tortoise bolts 13 miles

IMMY the tortoise amazed her owners by walking 13 MILES from home in two weeks.
They had lost the pet after it disappeared from their shed. They put up posters around their home in Trowbridge, appealing for sightings. A fortnight later a woman spotted 50-year-old Timmy on the street, 13 miles far from home. She should participate in the next Olympics in London ! She walks even farer as I do in 2 weeks !


Lanny said...

The bear just had the munchies.

Considering the summer you are having there and I am having here, perhaps they ought to take tose thins off the cs and let 'er rip! I'm cold and my garden stinks worse than cow gas!

Lanny said...

I must have been channeling Des Arnez on that last comment for a sec.

Maribeth said...

I wonder what kind of shoes Immy wears? Certainly my sore feet would benefit!

judysteapot said...

Princess Anne is my favourite Royal - very down to earth and so is her daughter

Lifecruiser said...

I'm in big need of one of those red tanks.... *giggles*